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Whether you don't have time to blow out your hair in the morning or you've been at the beach all day long, these are some of my favorite go-to "wet" hairstyles. You can wear these styles if you've just hopped out of the shower, or if your hair has got a great salty texture from the ocean or bottle!

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Twisted ponytail

Twisted Ponytail

Get the look

  1. Start by twisting your bangs back.
  2. Continue twisting back.
  3. Grab the front section of hair on the opposite side and twist back.
  4. Meet the two twists in the back and tie off with a clear elastic. Then you're going to make a topsy tail by flipping the tail upside down and pushing it through the hole.
  5. If your hair dries pretty, go ahead and leave it like this!
  6. If not, put the rest of your hair up in a messy bun.

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Comments on "Hairstyle tutorials for wet hair"

Katie-Lee Faulkner May 22, 2013 | 9:49 AM

This is a great gallery! I can't wait to try out these styles after getting out of the pool here in Arizona.

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