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I'm breaking down the best ways to switch up your wardrobe when the weather gets warm.

For some reason, there has been one piece of fashion advice I've always seemed to cling to over the years. When my best friend was working at J. Crew, they had a “three piece” rule that required the sales people to always incorporate a third article of clothing in addition to their top and bottom. Whether it was a jacket, vest or scarf, the point was that it gave the outfit a sense of “put-togetherness” and sophistication that allowed them to look styled and intentional rather than too casual and lazy.

In Southern California (or any warmer locations), it can be hard to add an extra layer when the temps don't necessarily drop drastically, even in the winter. So I am always on the lookout for ways to make my outfits more interesting, even if it means getting a little creative. Here are five different ways I use layering with my everyday looks to give my wardrobe some variety.


Mixing causal with dressy

Mixing causal with dressy

In this look, I paired a causal graphic tee with a thin black blazer to balance the simplicity and masculinity of the tee. I also added some sparkle with my necklace to introduce a little more femininity into my outfit.


Layering prints and staying warm

Layering prints and staying warm

For those times when it does get a little cooler for us, my go-to always seems to be a scarf. I love the look of mixing unexpected patterns like stripes and florals, and then I added my favorite neutral jacket to tie everything together.


Three pieces

Three pieces

I feel like this is the kind of look J. Crew is going for when they say “three pieces.” Just taking the time to add one more layer to a basic outfit can make all the difference! Adding this printed top over my chambray made the outfit way more interesting rather than wearing each piece individually with black pants (in my opinion).


Two for the price of one

Two for the price of one

My new hobby is finding new ways to mix and match and wear articles of clothing intended for something else. By layering this top over my maxi dress, I'm able to make it look like a skirt and top, and I don't always have to resort to wearing the maxi dress just as it is. I also added a statement necklace to this outfit to give it a pop of color.


Layering accessories

Layering accessories

Lastly, it can be fun to double (and triple, quadruple, etc.) up on accessories. Sometimes I will combine multiple necklaces to gain a more eclectic and bauble-y look with my jewels.

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