Aveda Style Prep and Wella Velvet Amplifer
Product review: Hair primers

How do they measure up?

What would you do if I told you about a product that would help your hair style last not one but two days? Straight hair? It'll keep it looking sleek and smooth. Curly hair? It'll help fight off frizz! Curl your hair every day? It'll lock in that style so all you need the next day is a simple touch-up. Hair primer has the potential to do all of that for you! These four ladies with a wide range of hair history tried two different hair primers. Here's what they thought.

Aveda Style Prep


I've put a lot of TLC into taking care of my hair and maintaining my length. I am very leery about trying new products, but I thought it would be worth it to help keep my hair smooth and shiny for an extra day or two. The Aveda Style Prep didn't do much for my hair. I have very long, heavy hair and it seemed to leave my hair feeling dry and straw like. However, it did add a nice amount of volume to my roots!

Would you buy this product?

Probably not. I don't think it's for me.


I have short, thick, wavy and color-treated hair. I typically blow dry and flat iron it every morning. It would be great to find a product that would help keep my wavy hair straight longer so I wasn't styling it every morning. Aveda Style Prep kept the style of my hair that I was hoping for and there was no need for a touch-up the next day. I loved it!

Would you buy this product?

Definitely. Anything to save me some time in the morning!

Wella Velvet Amplifier Style Primer



I have stick straight hair that takes a lot of work to hold a curl for more than an hour. My typical get ready routine is a lightweight volumizing mousse and a quick upside down blow dry. The volume usually lasts me half the day. With the Wella Velvet Amplifier Style Primer, I was able to do my normal style routine on Monday and it held the volume until Tuesday evening. It was amazing!

Would you buy this product?

For extra long-lasting volume, yes!



My hair is very fine and straight. Most products don't hold my hair — it always ends up going back to straight. Typically I don't use product and just let my hair air dry. I work out during the day and work with children so I don't spend too much time on my hair. After using the Wella Velvet Amplifier Style Primer, my hair did stay curled throughout the day but it didn't hold the curls as well as I had hoped. Within a few hours, my curls were just waves.

Would you buy this product?

Maybe, it is a great product. I just think my hair is hard to please.

Tell us

Depending on what you're going for, both of these products would be beneficial to add into your morning hair routine. Whether it's extended volume or long-lasting curls, a primer is a great option. What do you think? Have you tried a hair primer before? How did it work for your hair?

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