It Should Be 1 Of These

One of the most exciting ways to celebrate summer is to unveil our winter feet, get a pedicure and strap on a darling new pair of sandals. Here we've pulled together a sample of fabulous choices, doing our best to adhere to versatility and affordability (most of these are under $50). Let the drooling begin.

Call It Spring

Call it spring shoes

The brand is Call It Spring, but we'll call it summer. All summer trends meet up for a party with this adorable, multitasking shoe . Wedge? Check. Boot/sandal look? Check. Peep toe? Check. Neutral color? Check. Good for work and play? Hells yes. Put $50 on your plastic and mark ‘em sold. (, $50)


Daisy Dukes

Daisy Dukes shoe

These darling little numbers are what we like to call “Daisy Dukes” because they look like something Daisy Duke might wear with her ridiculously short denim cutoffs. If that's not your style, these gems will look amazing with a skirt, a flowing summer frock or a pair of jeans. For $35, you can't afford not to get these! (, $40)



Sizzlin’! red shoes

Want to put a little bada** in your summer without being completely impractical? Allow us to introduce you to these hot tamales. Not only are they absolute perfection that will take you from the office to a night out with ease, but they (and their friends) come in red, black, brown and white. At that price, you can afford a little extra sass in your step. (Target, $30)



Flip-flops from sketchers

There are practically as many flip-flop fashions as there are pretty feet to wear them. We like this choice because they are stylish, neutral and comfortable. They are cushioned, contoured and come in pink and white for a truly fresh summer look. Best of all, flip-flops are appropriate for every summer style — shorts, dresses, skirts, jeans, capris, swimsuits. Maybe that's why they're called flip-flops. No matter how many times you flip-flop what you are wearing, these shoes work. (Sketchers, $50)


Cool canvas

Rocket dog shoes

Don't even think of stepping outside this summer without at least one pair of canvas shoes. We've watched these darling summer shoes come and go, but this summer, rejoice for they are back again. Canvas shoes are surprisingly tricky. They are cute, cool and comfortable but they also get trashed really fast. To get the most out of your summer canvas kicks, we recommend a style like this with a cute but versatile print that will hide the dirt and grime a bit better. (Rocket Dog, $45)


Worth the splurge

f Gianni Binis heels

If you want to plunk down a little extra for excellent summer heels, but don't want to go overboard, find a pair of Gianni Binis. They have so many envelope-pushing (without being obnoxious) looks. What they lack in versatility, they make up for in personality. Just imagine these darling shoes with a white eyelet dress, your favorite pair of jeans or hot-pink skinny capris. Even girls on a budget need a completely frivolous pair of summer heels. (Dillard's, $60)


The Walking Company shoes

While on the topic of pampering your feet, the final shoe you must consider adding to your summer footwear collection is a shoe that you can take on vacations. If you've ever hiked the Las Vegas strip, been on a cruise, walked the Magnificent Mile in Chicago or strolled the River Walk in San Antonio, you know you need a shoe that is versatile, looks great and won't make you want to cry every time you take a step because they hurt your feet! The Walking Company brings you this shoe that will save your feet and thus, your vacation. (The Walking Company, $150)

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