Shopping with Summer: An outfit for shopping

to wear when shopping for what to wear

Who knew there was a protocol on what to wear when shopping for what to wear? Luckily, we did! And we have the outfit details that will make your next clothing haul that much easier and definitely more fun!

When I'm about to go out for a full-on shopping excursion, I most definitely have a go-to uniform. In fact, over the years, I think I've really perfected it so that oftentimes I don't even need a dressing room to try on my clothes! And that, to me, is important so that I have even more time to shop for more cute stuff. That said, of my two go-to uniforms, this is the one I probably wear the most.

Here's the breakdown

Layering tank

You need a layering tank for when you want to quickly and easily try on tops without having to wait in line for a dressing room. What you wear over it is really up to you — I just simply prefer tunics whenever possible.

Leggings or a long skirt

If I know I will be shopping for skirts rather than pants, I'll wear a pair of leggings so that I can easily slip a skirt on to see if it's going to fit or not. But if I know it's going to be a pants shopping day, I'll go with a long maxi skirt instead of the leggings. This makes it, again, super easy to try on pants without ever having to step foot into the dressing room.


Most people might not even think there'd be thought behind what kind of purse to bring when shopping, but I am one of those girls that tries to think of it all! My advice is to skip the heavy shoulder bag, and opt for a light messenger bag instead. Trust me when I tell you that your shoulders will thank you after an hour or two of carrying around heavy armloads of clothes.

So basically, when it comes to shopping for what to wear, you really want to choose items that are easy to get on and off. And always remember to wear comfortable shoes! The more comfortable they are, the longer you'll be able to shop, and what's more important than that?

What to wear when shopping

Summer's look

  • Tunic: (Marshalls, $15)
  • Layering tee: (Target, $8)
  • Leggings: (TJ Maxx, $5)
  • Cowboy boots: (Charlotte Russe, $20)
  • Purse: (Old Navy, $19)
  • Necklace: (Etsy, $28)
  • Bracelet: (The Closet, $4)

Create the look

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