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Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba's beautiful celebrity styles made us do a double take this week! We're telling you why in this week's installment of Friday’s Fashion Obsessions.

Mila Kunis at the OZ The Great And Powerful

Mila Kunis

Oz the Great and Powerful premieres in theaters nationwide today, and we here at SheKnows couldn't be more excited to see it! One of the film's leading ladies, Mila Kunis, looked lovely in lace at the recent LA premiere, and I'm definitely crushing on her look.

You know those outfits that just make you want to smile? This is one of them! I can't help but think of prim and proper tea hours and ballet recitals when I look at this gorgeous Dolce & Gabbana lace dress. It's a little bit modern (sexy fit), a little bit classic (lace and tulle) and a whole lot of fun.

The final verdict? Mila kept her hair sleek and chic in the front but totally surprised me with the intricate back detail (stay tuned for a tutorial next Friday!). Her silver bow peep toe heels and vibrant jewel tone earrings are the perfect complement to the overall look and pop so well on that Yellow Brick Road... err, carpet.

Jessica Alba at Paris Fashion Week

Jessica Alba

We're focusing a lot on hot moms this March, and there are few celeb moms who have hotter style than Miss Jessica Alba. The actress and fashionista showed up to the Stella McCartney show at Paris Fashion Week in this super cool pantsuit and landed herself on our best dressed list this week.

First of all, how cool are Jessica's pants (zoom on in, folks)? The beaded detail stretches down the entire leg, and the blazer is lined with the same awesome accent. The actress paired her matching suit with a crisp white button down blouse, an edgy clutch and dark nails. I love the contradictions going on here: Menswear suit meets prim and proper blouse, edgy accessories meet feminine peplum blazer.

The final verdict? The beachy, laid-back hair really makes this look. If Jessica had worn her hair all fancy in an updo, it might have looked a bit stuffy, but the casual "I don't care" strands make this already neat look even cooler.

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Comments on "Friday's Fashion Obsessions: Mila Kunis and Jessica Alba"

Brett Kirby August 24, 2013 | 7:51 AM

I am not getting today's idea of beauty. Maybe because I am 62 yo. Aniston looks just ordinary to me...even a bit masculine with that strong jaw. And Mila Kunis is "any girl" from any American town. Nothing special. Yesteryear actresses were gorgeous. Want to see a real Russian beauty? Check out Natalie Wood...google her...what a babe! And Gene Tierney from my parents' day was a green-eyed bomb shell. I just don't get it with today's idea of beauty. Nothing extraordinary out there.

Ashley March 08, 2013 | 3:53 PM

I love both these looks! Especially Mila Kunis - very beautiful!

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