Blouse And Booties

I wanted to dress down this polka dot blouse, so I paired it with a chunky sweater and ankle boots.

I love blouses. I think they're flattering on everyone, pretty and easy to wear. I have a multitude of blouses in different colors and patterns and wear them everywhere from a play date at the park (with jeans and flats) to a wedding (with a pencil skirt and heels).

polka dot blouse
polka dot blouse

The sweater

(Old Navy, $23)

I snagged mine at Forever 21, but you can find a basic like this just about anywhere. You might even already own one.

Now, just go buy a fun patterned blouse to spice it up! Old Navy is great because you and your kids can shop in the same place without sacrificing style.


The booties

(Old Navy, $23)

Mine are a vintage find, but the style is timeless, so naturally the powerhouse brands are still making similar styles.

polka dot blouse

The blouse

(Lulu's, $69)

Buying a blouse with a fun pattern is an easy way to add some fun flair to a classic staple.


The jeans

(Forever 21, $11)

There's denim you invest in for the long haul, but that doesn't mean you can't find some stylish options at a good price. Places like Forever 21 and H&M will have all the trendy styles in stock.

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