5 braids

Get it twisted

If you dig the braided look as much as we do, then you’ll totally flip out for these out of the box styles that’ll have your friends oohing and aahing! Learn how to recreate them below thanks to celebrity hairstylist Lachers Reese of Angelo David Salon.

The half up fishtail braid


To give your hair some texture, spray it with Redken Wool Shake. Then brush it before styling.

Fishtail braid step 1


Section off your hair from ear to ear, and create a half braid
(no more than four layers) to use as a base for your fishtail.

Fishtail braid step 2


Stick your fingers into the top of the braid, making a hole, and loop the end of
your hair through that hole. Be sure to pull it tight.

Fishtail braid step 3


Now, begin fishtailing your hair all the way down, securing the end
of your braid with a clear elastic hair tie.

Fishtail braid step 4


On the rest of your hair (the hair that is down), use a curling iron to create tousled waves. Run your fingers through the waves to break them up, and complete your look with hairspray.

Fishtail braid step 5


Voila, all done!

Fishtail braid step 6

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Shannon February 21, 2013 | 2:49 PM

Thanks for this!! Braids are the way to go, for sure. I've been trying not to use any heat on my hair, so braids are the perfect go-to style for me. Thanks for all these ideas.

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