Opening a gift

Screw Cupid, who says you need a valentine to get gifts on Valentine's Day? Because you're so great, I think you should gift yourself something pretty sweet! Let me inspire your shopping spree.

Cuz you deserve it!

Gilt city

Something new

I don't know about you, but I love a bargain. I also love exploring new places in my hometown. What do you get when you combine the two? Gilt City! The luxury experience site is the perfect place to start your hunt for the perfect Valentine's Day gift to give yourself. Whether you want majorly discounted designer clothes, treatments at the best salons in town at a great value or discounted restaurant visits, Gilt City has something perfect for you.

Pop sugar gift box

Something to anticipate

You know that little twinge of excitement you get when you get mail? Yep, I feel it too! That's why I'm digging the new trend of monthly subscription boxes. Two to try? Discover Pique, a monthly tight delivery service that brings you the latest and greatest in luxury hosiery, and POPSUGAR’s Must Have Box, a monthly delivery of the best beauty, fashion, fitness, food and home goodies hand-selected by POPSUGAR editors.

Chocolate rose box

Something sweet

Who says you need a beau to get chocolates on Valentine's Day? Strong chicks buy their own sweets, love. This month, we're ordering Valentine's Day goodies from our fave brand, Edward Marc Chocolatier. Two to consider? The chocolate rose box and Valentine's nonpareils. (, prices vary)

La sardina beluga camera

Something quirky

Are you artsy at heart? Love taking photos but yearn for the vintage feel of old cameras? I think I've found the perfect camera for you. La Sardina's Beluga camera is as cute as it is cool, and is shaped like a sardine box! How neat? But seriously, the vintage-inspired camera features a wide-angle lens, dual winding knobs and an old time bulb. Impressed yet? (, $179)

that love bracelet

Something creative

One of the best parts of my job is discovering new and cool brands, so when I stumbled upon jewelry designer Venessa Arizaga's website, I was pleasantly surprised to find totally creative baubles. The That's Love Bracelet is handmade in NYC and adorned with a variety of charms, hearts and googly eyes. (, $250)

Ejh brand candles

Something sassy

Animal lover with a penchant for homey things? Get your hands on one of these deliciously fragrant candles from EJH Brand. Each candle is made with all-natural coconut wax and wrapped in a super stylish animal wrapper. Our fave? The monkey! (, $52)

Rosy posy bouquet

Something fragrant

As with chocolate, a gal doesn't have to wait around for Mr. Right to enjoy a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Treat yourself to the bright Rosy Posy Bouquet from Teleflora and you'll have something to smile about every time you look at the glass vase filled with pink and red roses.  (, $50)

Umberto raffini rona boot

Something pretty

These boots were most certainly made for walking! The Umberto Raffini Rona suede boot features a sassy studded belt strap and coordinating studs for an oh-so-cute look. Even better? They're super comfy too and have a full inside zipper for easy on and off. (, $169)

heart egg shaper

Something fun

OK, OK, so it's not quite a fashion or beauty item, but I'm still kinda obsessed with these adorable Egg Shapers from Mastrad! I'm totally making myself some heart-shaped brunch food this Valentine's Day! (, $10) 

vintage paris love ipad case

Something inspiring

Love to travel? Always clutching your precious iPad? Combine the two with this chic case from The Paris theme will definitely help you daydream a bit while you're passing the time at work all day! (, $41)

Watch: How to make a Styrofoam heart bouquet

Danny Seo shows you a fun twist on your standard bouquet of flowers.

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Comments on "Valentine's Day gifts to buy yourself"

Trish February 13, 2014 | 6:03 PM

I am recovering from cancer. I have uterine carcinosarcoma, and my cancer may now be laying low, but it will never be gone. I have a 50% chance of living 5 years, and a 63% chance of recurrence. I was diagnosed six months ago with breast tumors, and they are increasing in number. My chemo and radiation has beaten the hell out of me, and I have permanent physical damage. Last year, my husband of 11 years bought himself a 2012 SUV leftover for Valentines Day, and gave his 2009 vehicle to his niece, instead of to me (my car is a 2004). The vehicle was KBB at $16600! He was angry when I was offended, and then he wanted me to let his niece keep the car on MY insurance policy until our policy was renewed almost three months later. I got NOTHING for Valentines Day until he saw my two sons and niece gave me flowers; then on the 15th he went to Acme and bought me a cheap bunch of flowers! So, this year, I took the money that would have been the birthday gift for the niece and a Valentines gift for HIM, and went on Zales and bought myself pink topaz sterling hoop earrings, a pink topaz heart pinky ring, and a gold cat charm to hang on my large white gold hoops my son had given me as a gift last year for my birthday. I am no longer speaking to the inlaws, as they should not have allowed their son to do what he did WITHOUT MY INPUT (it was done to please them, as the grandchild is their favorite, and they are imports who believe that women have no say, they have to do whatever their man wants), and I have been told the granddaughter this year wants money gifts of semesters of tuition!! They can all kiss my ass, and I will gladly mark the “X”!! EVERY WOMAN should do something nice for herself, because if you wait for those around you to give a damn, you won’t be alive to see the flowers when they finally get plopped on your casket. I want the love and respect that I have earned and give to everyone I know NOW!! NOT when I am a corpse!! In my case, this scenario is much closer than you might think.

Brandi February 07, 2013 | 6:05 PM

Absolutely love this!! Whether single or in a relationship, why not spoil yourself too?! Popsugar seems awesome. Thanks for the suggestions.

Julia February 06, 2013 | 9:15 AM

Thanks for the great ideas - I am loving all of them! I am really into subscription sites right now so I am definitely trying out Discover Pique! What a great gift for all of us ladies.

Sydney February 06, 2013 | 8:42 AM

I've never been adverse to sending myself flowers at work. No shame in giving myself some love! I'm a total subscription junky and I'm definitely going to check out Discover Pique and Popsugar...thanks for the tip ;)

Heidi Morningstar February 06, 2013 | 8:30 AM

These are great ideas, can't wait to buy myself something. Also, I LOVE Discover Pique, it's the best gift a girl could possibly give herself!

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