Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

How to create
a cute front braid

This half-French braid is also known as a lace braid. This hairstyle is perfect if you’re growing out your bangs or just want a pretty style that frames your face.

Get the look!


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

Start by making a deep side part on the right-hand side and brush your hair to remove any knots.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

Take a small section at the start of the part and split it into three.
Start your braid here and cross the right section over the middle, then the left over the right.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

As with a French braid, start to add in small sections of hair,
but only from the right side. Don’t add in any hair from your hairline.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

Angle the braid right onto your face and in front of your hairline. You want the braid
to sit grazing along the edge of your eyebrow, coming down the left side of your face.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

Keep adding in very small sections as you French braid
until you reach around your cheekbone or jaw line.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

Continue braiding in a regular braid and secure the end with a small clear elastic.


Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

This hairstyle looks great in straight or curly hair. Here I’ve curled my hair with a large curling iron
and brushed the curls out with a natural bristle brush to create these waves.

The final look

How-to: Lace braid hairstyle tutorial

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Comments on "How-to: Lace braid hairstyle tutorial"

Stephanie January 10, 2013 | 2:57 PM

I really love this look! I hate having my bangs down so I'm always looking for new ways to have them pinned back. I will definitely have to try this soon! Another favorite of mine is the french braided bangs.

Katie January 04, 2013 | 7:25 PM

Very cute!! I love how this looks and will definitely be giving this hairstyle a shot - thanks!

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