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The not-so-secret things no one tells you

The red carpet is just like any event that you would be going to in your daily life: You want to feel comfortable, confident and get compliments! I always say that if you look good, you feel good, and if you feel good, you look good. So here are some secret red carpet style tips to make you feel like a star!

Anya’s tip #1: White chalk

If you’ve ever spilled coffee or smudged lipstick on a white blouse, you need white chalk — such a simple thing (and only 99 cents) that's an absolute necessity. Rub it on any stain or any white garment. (I have even used this trick on a wedding dress!) This last-minute lifesaver is especially great for guys and their white collars.

Bonus stylist tip: You can use Topstick in a pinch to temporarily hem your pants when you don’t have time for a proper alteration.

Anya’s tip #2: Topstick tape

Topstick is my go-to doublestick tape. It's perfect for preventing wardrobe malfunctions or holding your clothing in place. Topstick is a necessity for any low cut blouse or showing bra strap.

 zipper lubricant Anya’s tip #3: Zipper ease

This is always in my styling kit on the day of a big awards show. It's a zipper lubricant that can get your zipper up if it’s pulling, snagging or just won't budge. Nothing is worse than being ready to walk out the door and having your dress not zip. This has happened to me minutes before a celebrity was about to walk out on the red carpet.

Anya’s tip #4: Shoe pads

Everyone wants fabulous shoes, but no one is truly comfortable in heels. Add a shoe pad to give the ball of your foot cushioning so you can last in heels as long as you need to. You can also use shoe pads if your shoes are a little too big and you want them to fit more snugly.

Anya’s tip #5: Shoe stretcher

Have you ever bought shoes because you had to have them but secretly you knew they were just a little too tight? The shoe stretcher is the ultimate way to make your shoes fit. I will stretch a star's shoes the night before a big event just to ensure comfort on the red carpet.

Bonus tip: Rubbing dryer sheets on your hair can also get rid of static frizz and flyaways.

Anya’s tip #6: Dryer sheets

What is this laundry item doing on the red carpet? Dryer sheets are the quickest way to prevent static cling. You never know when you’re going to have unwanted static on your clothes, so be prepared with a dryer sheet.

VaselineAnya’s tip #7: Vaseline

What’s the last thing the stars do before they hit the red carpet? Dab Vaseline on their gums to hold a wide smile all day. This can work for you if you’re going to be somewhere where you are talking a lot, smiling a lot or giving a presentation and you know you might have a dry mouth. It doesn’t have to be fancy — any drug store Vaseline will do the trick.

Anya’s tip #8: Shapewear

Gone are the girdles — the new age of shapewear is comfortable, practical and can instantly change the way you look in an outfit. Every star, no matter what size, is wearing shapewear under their dress on the red carpet. Shapewear doesn’t have to be reserved for special occasions — you can find comfortable shapewear to wear on a daily basis under your clothes and no one will know.

Anya’s tip #9: Erasers

Have you ever been worried about losing a pair of earrings? It may seem silly, but you need to stock up on #2 pencils. For red carpet events, I often borrow expensive jewelry and diamonds for the celebrities to wear. For extra security, I take the top of an eraser and place it behind the earring back to firmly hold the earring in place.

bronzerAnya’s tip #10: Go for the glow

Stars know the secret of the bronze: Having a tan will make you look slimmer. Whether you get a tan professionally done or do it yourself, plan ahead and do it a day before your big event. Not only does a tan make you appear slimmer, but it gives the illusion of a well-rested, healthy you (even if you’re exhausted!).

Lastly, just remember that you’re a star and every day is your red carpet moment!

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Lisa December 20, 2012 | 1:56 PM

Great tips! Love the eraser tips and the vaseline tip. I will definitely be using these in the future. Thanks!

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