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It’s a dress! It’s a scarf! It’s a skirt! Actually, it’s a Hipknoties: a basic clothing garment that can be worn in an infinite number of ways.

For every woman from the on-the-move mommy to the trendy fashionista, Hipknoties is one garment that can be transformed into just about anything using elastic bands. No matter how you dress it up — or down — it’s an effortless way to make the most out of just one piece of clothing. Talk about a bang for your buck!


Warm and cozy

Warm and cozy

Temps are winding down and with Hipknoties, which are made out of 95 percent rayon, you can create a warm cover-up that is stylish at the same time. Pair it with J. Crew’s signature stretch jersey leggings ($40), leather riding boots from Aldo ($170) and an infinity scarf from H&M ($10). If you’re feeling extra chilly, top it off with a cashmere beret from Nordstrom, $58.


Summertime fine

Summertime Fine

Take Hipknoties from winter to summer with this draped halter top and maxi skirt combo. Slip on your favorite pair of jeweled sandals like these ones from Michael Kors, $125. For some summer fun, have an arm party of your favorite bracelets. This set of beaded bracelets from Buckle adds the perfect touch and can be worn with almost everything — plus it’s only $12. Don’t forget the perfect pair of Ralph Lauren cat-eye sunnies ($180) to fight off the rays!


Casually cute

Casually cute

Going out for lunch with the girls or running a few errands? Using one long Hipknoties and a couple of bands, you can wear a maxi dress that’s both comfy and stylish at the same time. Tribal wedges, like these from Charlotte Russe ($36), add flair and are easy to walk in. Grab this Olivia + Joy tote that’s large enough to hold everything you need for the day ($73) and add Francesca’s Time Will Tell watch, ($30) and you’ll be the chic girl on the go!


Holiday hip

Holiday Hip

Transform Hipknoties into a fabulous pleat detail dress fit for your upcoming office party. Bring on the bling with rhinestone earrings or sparkling drop earrings and a rhinestone bracelet, all from Forever 21. Put some sparkle in your step with these Steve Madden DEEVAA pumps ($150). Complete the look with a satin clutch from Ann Taylor ($115), and you’ll be dazzling all night long!




Another way to take that Hipknoties to the next level is by wearing it as a fabulous one-sleeve dress. Be bold with a crystal statement necklace, like this one from Dillard's ($58). Wrap the whole look up with a bow with these metallic platform sandals from Bakers ($90).

Visit the Hipknoties site to learn more about this must-have closet piece!

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