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Forgiving holiday outfits

Hello SK Style Watchers! Something that I look forward to every holiday season is hitting the party circuit, catching up with friends and family, and then of course, enjoying the rich, decadent food and drink. For most of us, this translates to a few extra pounds, which we'll aim to lose come January. So today, I'm going to share three great tips on how can you hide that extra goodness for the next few weeks, all while looking super chic and gorgeous!

Rachel Zoe Jumpsuit (Shopbop.com, $375)

Go monochromatic

Anyone familiar with Fashion 101 knows that black is slimming. But rather than go all black for the next few months, venture into some other neutral shades as well, such as gray, camel or navy. Wear the same shade head to toe, and then add a pop of color with your shoes, bag or accessories. For layering, start with your dark shade first, then add a jacket or cardigan in another color. With prints, remember, the smaller the print, the smaller and slimmer you'll appear.

Rachel Zoe Jumpsuit (Shopbop.com, $263)

Alex & Ava Jersey Dress (Nordstrom, $158)

Dresses instead of pants

While pants are unforgiving when it comes to size, many dresses can still be worn when you're packing extra cheesecake. Most women carry their weight in the waist, hips or thighs, so the last thing you want to struggle with when you've gained a few is putting on a pair of pants! Instead, opt for dresses that skim effortlessly over these areas, and wear with tights (hello, Spanx!) to magically shed that extra weight. V-neck dresses whittle down a waist, as does a belt worn at the smallest and highest part of the waist, just under your ribcage.

If you have to wear pants, choose a bootcut trouser or jean over the dreaded skinny pant, as these will balance your look and make your waist appear smaller.

Alex & Ava Jersey Dress (Nordstrom, $158)

Outfit by Kate Spade, Nordstrom.com

Accessorize to minimize

It sounds crazy, but bigger accessories give the illusion that the rest of you is smaller. A great statement necklace, a large man's watch, a medium to large bag, and most important, a chunky heel will all balance your look and help you to look slimmer. That being said, choose only one or two big pieces to keep your overall look in proportion.

Outfit by Kate Spade, Nordstrom.com

One final note: I've seen so many well-meaning women wear clothes that have no shape and are many sizes too big, thinking that they are fooling everyone and hiding their extra pounds. But this has the opposite effect, and truly makes you appear larger, shapeless and makes your outfit look sloppy.

So make sure what you're wearing still fits and flatters. Pick items that still show you have a shape, because tents are for the woods, people! Now, you can choose one separate item per outfit that is slightly larger, such as a boyfriend jacket or cardigan. Pick that one piece carefully, and don't expect to hide under an entire look that is several sizes too big.

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So there you have it, SK Style Watchers! Three of my best tips ever for hiding and disguising a little extra goodness and helping you look great this holiday season. Thanks so much for watching, and for SheKnows Style and Beauty, I'm Jill Laine.

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Comments on "Trendspotting with Jill Laine: 3 Things to wear when you’ve gained 5 pounds"

Hannah December 07, 2012 | 2:21 PM

Great fashion tips! Thanks! I like accessorizing. It allows people to focus on that instead of the extra holiday pudge you're carrying around!

shirley ristow November 29, 2012 | 7:59 PM

We can't all be size 8 - especially after the Holidays - so I really appreciated Jill's fashion tips on how to at least look a little slimmer! Jill is always upbeat and positive, and has creative ideas to challenge me to look my best. Thank you, Jill!

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