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What’s your favorite thing about fall? The chill in the air? Pumpkins? How about fall foliage? Well, one of the things I look forward to every fall is the opportunity to start layering my clothing, creating completely new and unique combinations.

Layering stretches your wardrobe in the most amazing way. Because you can wear your items in so many different variations, it gives the illusion that your closet stretches for days, even if in reality it’s just minutes.

But how do you layer the right way? Are there rules? How can you avoid looking too bulky or sloppy? Have no fear, today I’m going to give you my three favorite tips to layer with confidence!

Layering from J. Crew


When you layer, consider the entire array of textures at your disposal. The more varied and interesting the mix of textures, the more stylish and amazing your finished look! Look to tweeds, knits, silk, snakeskin, suede, faux fur, leather and sequins to add not just color but dimension to your outfit.

A good tip is to start with your lightest fabric, add something medium weight, and then finish on top with the heaviest piece, like the folks at J. Crew did here.

Layering from TopShop


If your outfit is heavier on top, keep your bottom half skinny and vice versa. This simple tip will avoid looking too layered, too bulky and too done.

The most interesting layered looks that I find mix high style pieces with low budget items and diametrically opposed themes, such as lace and studs, velvet with distressed denim, sequins and snakeskin, gold brocade with a simple plaid. Need some more inspiration? Check out Topshop.

Layering from Nordstrom


We could never talk about layering without discussing accessories! Scarves, gloves, tights and socks are key in creating an overall cohesive, perfectly layered look. And don’t forget belts. If your layered look seems too bulky, a great belt may be just what’s needed to define your waist and save the look.

Finally, to anchor the volume of layers and keep your look in balance, you’ll want to wear a heavier, chunky boot or shoe.

Now, although I don’t believe in fashion rules per se, sometimes it’s important to start with a general guideline. Typically, layering three to four clothing items and wearing three to four accessories is good place to start. Take a cue from the folks at Nordstrom here.

One of the greatest gifts you will ever give yourself when it comes to your style is the time to experiment and try new things. So get in your closet, start mixing and layering, and see what brilliant concoctions you come up with! This process is supposed to be fun, so no judging.

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So there you have it, SK Style Watchers, a few of my favorite basic tips for layering! On the video next time, I’ll be talking about what you can wear to hide a few extra pounds. Perfect for the holidays, right? Thanks so much for watching. For SheKnows Style and Beauty, I’m Jill Laine.

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Gina November 08, 2012 | 4:35 PM

Great read! Totally agree about accessories! They are so important and can make a simple outfit into a fabulous one!

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