DIY collar nails

Collars are all the rage right now, whether they are a Peter Pan collar on your shirt, a stand-alone collar that you can layer or a necklace in the shape of a collar.

How to paint
Collar nails

There are so many ways to get in on this trend that you've undoubtedly spotted on everyone from your friends to your favorite Hollywood starlet. One way to translate the collar trend onto nails is by spicing up an old favorite — painting the moon of your nails. But this way, instead of a painting a half-circle moon, you're going to make it a collar for the top of your nail.

DIY Nail Collar -- Materals

You will need:

Two contrasting color nail polishes (I used Essie Wicked and Sally Hansen Celeb City) and reinforcement labels.


Step 1: Paint base coat

DIY Nail Collar -- Step 2

Start with a base coat the color of your collar (mine was silver). Let it dry completely.


Step 2: Cut label

DIY Nail Collar -- Step 2

Cut one reinforcement label in half (unless you want to use two whole labels for each finger).


Step 3: Position sticker

DIY Nail Collar -- Step 3

Position the sticker on your nails as shown to create the collar shape.


Step 4: Paint top half of nail

DIY Nail Collar -- Step 4

Paint a coat of your second color over the top half of your nail. Make sure you get the paint into the tip and corners by the sticker!


Step 5: Let dry

DIY Nail Collar -- Step 6

Let it fully dry, and then gently peel off the stickers. You can now paint a clear topcoat over it and enjoy!

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Comments on "DIY collar nails tutorial"

Shannon October 07, 2012 | 4:52 PM

Love this!! Does anyone know where you can find reinforcement labels?

Amy October 07, 2012 | 4:43 PM

Thanks for the tutorial! This looks really awesome and actually looks pretty easy to do. Can't wait to try this out. I also love that you can pretty much make any type of design!

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