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Dark Shadows
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Dark Shadows- inspired style

Set in the '70s, the Dark Shadow's wardrobe took us all back to a much groovier time. Before you get your hands on a DVD of Dark Shadows, now in stores, SheKnows is here to help you steal the looks of these groovy characters from the past and make them modern.

Dr. Julia Hoffman

Dr. Julia Hoffman (Helena Bonham Carter) is supposed to be the person making the Collins family less kooky, but she’s a bit of an oddball herself. Luckily for her, we adore her funky flair.

Dr. Julia Hoffman -- Dark Shadows -- Retro
Retro rules

Dr. Hoffman is all about psychedelic prints, and we are too. Mimic her look with the Paisley Print Blouse dress ($80) or Techno Stripe Bow Neck Blouse Dress ($90), both at Loft.

Dr. Julia Hoffman -- Dark Shadows -- Sunglasses
Slammin’ shades

Dr. Hoffman is usually characterized as the drunken psych that hides her hangover behind big sunnies. These Mossimo sunglasses from Target ($17) are good for that, but even better for blocking out the sun when you’re soberly out and about, too.

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Comments on "Chloe Moretz's '70s-inspired goth style in Dark Shadows"

Jessica October 02, 2012 | 1:13 PM

The dark purple is a beautiful color, and I think it would really make a statement this winter and fall season. I love when movies provide inspiration for fashion - great choice with this one!

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