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As Oscar de la Renta once coined it perfectly, fragrance is an invisible dress. It's time to dress appropriately and transition your fragrance wardrobe into fall 2012. This season, we are seeing the release of some of the most exciting and potentially classic scents in recent fragrance years.

Marc Jacobs - DotMarc Jacobs — Dot

Everything Marc Jacobs touches becomes unforgettable, and his scents aren’t any different. First it was Daisy, a light and fresh scent that continues to be worn year-round and fly off the shelves. Then we had the fruity and flirty Lola collection, a drift from Daisy’s innocence and a dive into bold. Marc Jacobs' latest creation is Dot, and this is for the spontaneous female.

Price: $89 per 3.4 ounce bottle of Dot by Marc Jacobs

Scent analysis: The scent features notes of red berries, jasmine with a hint of driftwood — perfect for staying true to your energetic nature during the calm fall/winter months.

Chanel - COCO NOIRChanel — COCO NOIR

Chanel fragrances have come a long way since Marilyn Monroe famously said all she wears to bed is Chanel No. 5. Other classics from the Parisian fashion house include the youthful but romantic Chance and for the more powerful woman, Allure. Now comes a fashion forward fragrance unlike anything Chanel has done before.

Price: $98 per 1.7 fluid ounce bottle of COCO NOIR

Scent analysis: COCO NOIR is a dark, seductive and intimate black eau de parfum that is warmed by the unmistakable notes of grapefruit, Indonesian Patchouli and jasmine.

Oscar de la Renta - Essential LuxuriesOscar de la Renta — Essential Luxuries

Oscar de la Renta’s fragrances are just as impactful as his fragrance wisdom. When inventing his new line of scents, he wanted to depart from the traditional fragrance-designing ways of other fashion houses. He spent a lifetime of research collecting the inspiration for his six-scent Essential Luxuries fragrance collection.

Price: $150 per Essential Luxuries fragrance

Scent analysis: Each is inspired by a different event or memory in Oscar’s life. Mi Corazón, for example, is inspired by his own devotion to his family and passion for gardening. These scents will complement our nights at the opera (Carrie Bradshaw style) or even during the day running errands — he always wants us to make an impression.

Lady Gaga - FameLady Gaga — Fame

It comes as no shock (considering who designed it) that this eccentric scent has already been involved in controversy. Lady Gaga’s Fame is the first perfume that is completely black in color but clear when sprayed; she is the first fragrance designer to utilize such technology. Better yet, it’s based off the molecular structures of blood and semen, but it smells absolutely nothing like them. Thanks Gaga. It smells surprisingly incredible.

Price: $55 per bottle of Fame

Scent analysis: Gaga infuses strong notes of Tiger Orchid, apricot and saffron. Three sprays of Fame will keep you mysterious all through fall.

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Michelle October 30, 2012 | 10:06 AM

Oooo I've never actually smelled any of these scents, but I'm headed to the mall later today so I will definitely check them out!

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