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Feeling rushed in the mornings? So are we, which is why we wanted to come up with some simple ways to save time — and our sanity. Start your day off right (and maybe sleep in a bit) by using our best beauty shortcuts.

Timesaving beauty tips

Shower the night before

If you can swing it, skip your a.m. shower in favor of an evening scrub down. Dry and style your hair (minus product), put into a low, loose ponytail when you head to bed, and in the morning, simply shake it out, mist with water and run the blow dryer over it to revitalize your locks.

Perk up yesterday’s blowout

Your hair style from the day before isn’t necessarily a lost cause the next day. Dry shampoo can be a simple way to save time on rushed mornings. Sprinkle or spray on your scalp, brush through gently and shake hair out to revive your style before you head out for the day.

Skip foundation

Putting on a full face of makeup takes time, sometimes a lot of time. So when you’re strapped for any extra minutes you can find, don’t even look at the foundation bottle. Instead, opt for time-saving BB cream or tinted moisturizer. Both products are easy to apply and offer natural-looking coverage. Add a dusting of translucent powder to combat shine if you need to.

Focus on one feature

Rather than waste time using various makeup techniques on your eyes, lips and cheeks, focus your attention on one feature. That way you’re playing up an asset, without tacking time onto your morning routine.

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Use multitasking products

Products that serve more than one function are a busy woman’s dream. We suggest loading up on shower gel that can also be used on face and hair, the aforementioned BB cream (usually offering sheer coverage, primer, SPF and moisturizing ingredients all in one) or face wash that also exfoliates.

Choose outfits in advance

The amount of time most of us waste standing in front of the closet in frustration could probably equal an extra 45 minutes in bed. Rather than rush, choose an outfit the night before — shoes, accessories and all. That way there’s no need to stare blankly at your wardrobe when you could be drinking a much-needed coffee.

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Comments on "6 Easy, breezy beauty shortcuts"

Lisa November 24, 2012 | 9:51 AM

Showering the night before is really helpful. I don't like my hair if I don't blow dry it, so I just plan on putting it in a pony tail the next day if I do decide to shower the night before. Such a time saver!!

Shannon November 24, 2012 | 9:51 AM

Totally agree about using BB cream instead of foundation to save time, plus it's better for your skin. BB cream and foundation actually take me the same amount of time to apply, but BB cream moisturizes my skin making it extra soft, so I opt for that at least twice a week.

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