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For many of us, shopping savvy isn’t a choice -- it’s an absolute necessity. Luckily, you can choose from a ton of fashion brands out there that offer lavish-looking apparel without the high-end price tags to match.

Luxury on a budget

Check out these eight budget-friendly brands that definitely won’t break the bank, but will turn a lot of heads!

Mink Pink

Vintage-inspired, a little bit playful and designed for the free-spirited hippie at heart, this chic Australian brand transforms the trends of the runway into affordable fashions for everyday girls on a tight budget. With most price points falling below $100, you’re bound to find something you love at the right price at In fact, we can pretty much guarantee it.

Element Eden

An inspirational and artistic line initially born out of the designer’s love for the skateboarding scene, Element Eden has evolved into something much bigger today: a lifestyle brand we can all appreciate and afford. Offering casual cool dresses, fleece tops, cute beanies, backpacks, jeans and more, there’s a little bit of something here for everyone.


Touted as the H&M of Japan, this contemporary Japanese label recently launched its first U.S. store on Larchmont Boulevard in Los Angeles last March. Featuring super on-trend items like studded denim and high-low skirts, tops and dresses, everything in the Growze line retails for less than $250, with most being under $100.


Effortlessly chic and surprisingly inexpensive, this Los Angeles-based (and produced) brand boasts timeless fashions with a modern-day spin: think chiffon skirts, flowy dresses and loose crop tops. Founded in 2009, Pavonine is the perfect blend of playful and polished.

Olivia + Joy

Steal the hottest handbag trends of the season for way less with an Olivia + Joy purse. Made for both girly-girls and edgy chicks, this brand features unique twists on traditional silhouettes. Not to mention: almost every handbag is priced under $100. It doesn’t get much better than that.


This environmentally-friendly accessories brand not only utilizes the highest quality, organic and sustainable raw materials, but it also gives back to communities in both Peru (where designer Paola Delgado is from) and the U.S. We love all the bright and fun statement jewelry, plus the fact that everything from Mujus is so reasonably priced (around $100 or less).


If Kate Middleton is a fan, you know it must be chic! An iconic British high street brand that launched in the U.S. just earlier this year, Warehouse is a lot like TopShop but way cooler (at least in our opinion, anyway). From '70s-inspired dresses to feminine blouses and staple leggings, there are more than enough options to choose from at this trendy online boutique.

LC Lauren Conrad

Available exclusively at Kohl’s, this sweet but sassy collection includes shoes, apparel, accessories, jewelry and sleepwear all true to Lauren Conrad’s Cali style. Perfect for the fashion-conscious woman, ruffles, lace, delicate little details and updated classics make up this contemporary line.

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Jessica November 02, 2012 | 10:36 AM

I love Mossimo at Target. It's affordable, cute, and lasts a long time! Forever 21 is fun to shop at for trends, but the clothes don't normally last.

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