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Hello SK Style Watchers! Today I want to talk about one of my all-time favorite fashion topics: accessories. But these aren’t your momma’s delicate jewels; these are the new breed of ornamentation, bold, sure-to-be-noticed items that will set your style apart.

Even if the thought of being bold makes you a little shy, you may want to consider experimenting with at least one of these trends. And since we’re in the beginning stages of fabulous fall fashions, you know this has got to be my pick as favorite trend of the week!

Now, I love accessories for many reasons: They bring lots of versatility to your wardrobe, allow you to express your personality and style, and lastly, allow you to experiment with trends for a minimal investment.

My pick: Gold Peter Pan Collar, $38, Etsy.com

Decorative collars

This so-called Peter Pan collar will be something you’ll see this fall on sweaters and dresses, but my favorite are the free standing collars that you can add to whatever you'd like. I love how prim and proper these collars make anything look that you attach them to, be it an LBD or a grunge tee worn with jeans and urban biker boots. And, if you are a crafty gal, there are a million ways to make your own collar a la DIY.

My pick: Gold Peter Pan Collar, $38, Etsy.com

My pick: Cara accessories Smart Phone tassel charm, $28, Nordstrom.com


Tassels have literally been around hundreds of years, and we’ve seen them here and there for the last few seasons. But this fall, tassels will be everywhere, from boots to bags, necklaces and earrings. And since I have such a thing for tassels, I’m even hunting them down in vintage stores and on eBay and adding them to items I already own that need some oomph. It’s really the easiest DIY ever: Buy a cool tassel and add it to a zipper pull on your bag, a jacket or a pair of boots. Et voila!

My pick: Cara Accessories Smart Phone tassel charm, $28, Nordstrom.com

My pick: Stud detail harness belt, $34, ASOS.com

Harness belts

These body belts or harness belts have been on the outer fringes of fashion for the last couple of years, worn by Pop Divas and edgy style innovators. Blame these on Fifty Shades of Grey, these part belt and part necklace creations are going mainstream this fall. They come in a variety of styles, and not all have that dominatrix vibe, so don‘t discount them just yet. Made of leather or chains or a mix thereof, these can be donned over anything thin like a dress or simple top. You definitely don’t want to wear these with anything bulky.

My pick: Stud detail harness belt, $26, ASOS.com


So there you have it, SK Style Watchers! Three hot new ornamentation trends for you to try out this fall. On my next vlog, I’ll be talking about the new blouses that I’m trendspotting for you now and ways to wear them so that you can sparkle and shine! Thanks for watching, and for SheKnows Style, I’m Jill Laine.

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Shelley September 27, 2012 | 8:38 PM

Ooo I love the decorative collars! Tassels and harness belts? Not so much. There are some things in fashion that I wouldn't be willing to try, and the harness belt is definitely one of them! I do really like the decorative collars and can't wait to wear it!

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