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Hello SK Style Watchers! Nothing quite heralds the return of fall like a shift in our color palette. Going from light, pastel shades to the richer, autumnal hues signals that it’s time for fall fashion to be back in session.

So, what are the colors trends for fall 2012? Today the talk is going to be all about color and new ways to wear these shades to keep your style fresh, modern and fun! And since fall color is all around us right now, it’s got to be my pick as favorite trend of the week.

If you love color like I do, the great news this fall is that you’re going to have lots of delicious options. Bright, saturated hues like hot pink, teal and electric blue are gorgeous mixed with neutrals, or if you’re feeling bold, worn together in colorblock combinations.

On the other side, traditional autumn colors of gray, mustard, rich green and camel are also readily available. These create a classic look when worn together, but they also anchor your bold and vibrant colors.

It is so hard to pick just three colors to really talk about today, but these are the three biggest color trends that I see for the season ahead.

My pick: Adrianna Papell Dress, $118, Nordstrom.com


Sounds simple, why navy? I’ve always loved navy because it’s a softer color choice than black, and it pairs well with camel, gray, wine and green. But this year the big navy news is about pairing it with black. In fact, I’ll go as far as to say that the all black ensemble has been usurped by the navy and black outfit. This is a trick French women have known for years, navy + black = tres chic!

My pick: Adrianna Papell Dress, $118, Nordstrom.com

My pick: Guipure top with open back, $90, Zara.com


Whether you want to call it wine, bordeaux or burgundy, you’ll be seeing this color everywhere this season. Every woman needs to have some wine at her beck and call, because this is a shade that is gorgeous on everyone and every skin tone! Pair your wine with neutrals like gray, navy, camel or a big burst of hot pink if you dare.

My pick: Guipure top with open back, $90, Zara.com

My pick: Pour la Victoire Allena Boots, $310, Bloomingdales.com


Expect to see many options across the red spectrum this fall, from orange and paprika, to rich ruby red. If you’re a little shy, go for a hint of red in your lips or nails, while bolder choices can be found in boots, bags, dresses and jackets. One no-fail winner for red this fall is to pair it with another big trend: leopard. So gorgeous!

My pick: Pour la Victoire Allena Boots, $310, Bloomingdales.com

And there you have it, SK Style Watchers! My three favorite picks for color this season. What do you think? What colors are you looking forward to wearing this fall? Leave a comment -- I love to hear from you. On my vlog next week, I’m going to be talking about Adornamentation, the three bold accessory trends that are on fire this fall. As always, thanks for watching! For SheKnows Style, I’m Jill Laine.

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Comments on "Trendspotting with Jill Laine: Fall 2012 colors"

AJ Contris October 11, 2012 | 2:45 PM

I'm so inspired by your line up for fall colors! A little wine doesn't hurt anyone. And please pass the paprika! That's a hidden gem. Thank you, thank you! I love this video.

Felicity September 25, 2012 | 11:46 AM

So glad red is in fashion again. Although, is it ever really unfashionable? It's a great power color--makes you feel y and in charge. Love it. Especially on those adorable shoes!

Katie September 12, 2012 | 2:35 PM

Yes, my favorite colors are IN this year!! I've always been a navy fan, and reds have also always been a color I've been drawn too. Wine seems like a great color, I can't wait to incorporate that into my fall wardrobe. Thanks for this article - it's always nice to know I'm in style!

Laurel September 06, 2012 | 1:37 PM

I have found a new love for the color navy recently. It is perfect! But I cannot stand it mixed with black. It does not go together, and I don't think it ever will honestly.

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