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What is Pre-Fall and why does it matter to you?

Hello SK Style Watchers! I’m sure you’re familiar with the traditional fashion seasons spring/summer and fall/winter, but have you ever wondered why designers launch additional collections? There are resort collections, cruise collections (sans Suri) and now the latest is pre-fall.

What is pre-fall exactly, and how can it work for you? I’m going to talk about this precursor to the official fall season and three reasons why it can be great for your style! And since pre-fall offerings are everywhere right now, I’ve got to pick it as my trend of the week.

Here’s the easiest way to describe pre-fall: It’s a marriage between summer and fall fashion. The fabrics tend to be lighter and summery, but the colors and patterns are muted, darker and more suited for fall.

Jeffrey Campbell Rumble Boot, $155, Urban Outfitters


Pre-fall will make your wardrobe transition from summer to fall stylish and easy. Designers are getting better at giving us multi-seasonal items that work in our closets almost all year long. Pre-fall can be worn late summer, through fall, and sometimes, even into winter. This gives your wardrobe more versatility and can save you money.

My pick: Jeffrey Campbell Rumble Boot, $155, Urban Outfitters

Halston Heritage Jersey Dress, $345, Nordstrom

Warm weather plus

If you live where it’s still really warm in September and October, then pre-fall is your alternative to wearing cotton shorts and T-shirts. You’ll stay cool when the temperatures are still hot, all while you look fabulous in the colors, cuts and trends from the main season.

My pick: Halston Heritage Jersey Dress, $345, Nordstrom

Toggle Coat, $50, H&M

Fall into fall, early!

If you’re like me, I live for fall fashions. It’s my absolute favorite season. But many times, there’s a large gap between purchasing and wearing fall items -- it can be agonizing! Rather than throw us head-first into parkas and cable sweaters in August, savvy designers know we’ll be more willing to buy if we can wear it right now. Pre-fall indulges our instant fashion gratification -- buy it now, wear it now.

My pick: Toggle Coat, $50, H&M

Next week

So there you have it, SK Style Watchers! Three things you need to know to make pre-fall work for you. Next week, we’ll be continuing the fall fashion conversation. I’ll talk about how to effortlessly transition your summer clothes into fall, and I can’t wait for that! Thanks for watching, and for SheKnows Style, I’m Jill Laine.

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