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Hello SK Style Watchers! Last week we had a tutorial on what to know when buying vintage, and this week we’ll continue that conversation with my list of three vintage pieces that every woman needs to consider owning and incorporating into her style. What I love about vintage is the unique, one of a kind nature of these items and how they really allow your style to sparkle and shine. So you know with all that going on, it’s got to be my pick yet again as favorite trend of the week!

My choice: Vintage Mosell Gemstone Collar (1st Dibs, $300)

Statement necklace

Fabulous, outrageous necklaces from the '60s, '70s and '80s are so easy to find and usually for far less than you would pay for a similar, modern necklace. Find one that speaks to you, and wear it with everything from a simple T-shirt and jeans or with your favorite dress for an evening out. Make sure it’s still in good condition, with no missing pieces. Remember, if there are problems and it’s not easy to wear, chances are you won’t wear it.

My choice: Vintage Mosell Gemstone Collar (1st Dibs, $300)

My choice: Vintage Structured Snakeskin Purse (Etsy, $25)

Structured handbag

These bags from the '50s and '60s are a dime a dozen -- they are everywhere! That means you can snap them up for reasonable prices, from $10 on up. I love how these bags have a prim, ‘ladies who lunch’ quality. And since they’re not large, they’re the perfect bag when you just need enough room for some mad money, lip gloss and an iPhone. Nine times out of 10, these bags are in great condition too, since they just weren‘t used that much.

My choice: Vintage Structured Snakeskin Purse (Etsy, $25)

My choice: '70s Serge Nancel Paris Blouse (Vintage by Misty, $125)

Voluminous blouse

From the '70s and '80s, these blouses are in ample supply and are the perfect complement to modern day leggings or skinny jeans. Be it a flowy '70s peasant blouse or an outrageous '80s metallic number, these blouses have style in spades! And what comes around goes around in fashion, so many times you can find these with polka dots, metallics and lace and other patterns that are on trend today. Being fairly recent in history, these blouses are usually found in good condition, but double check all around just to be sure.

My choice: '70s Serge Nancel Paris Blouse (Vintage by Misty, $125)

Up next

So there you have it, SK Style Watchers! I hope you enjoyed this SheKnows mini-series on one of my favorite subjects: vintage fashion. Next week, we’ll be talking pre-fall -- what is it, and why does it matter to you? Thanks for watching! For SheKnows Style, I’m Jill Laine.

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Emma August 16, 2012 | 11:33 AM

These are great vintage staples that every woman should consider owning! I love the statement necklace. It is such a great accessory and can instantly perk up any outfit. It is absolutely necessary, and the more vintage the better!

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