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Secrets of the red carpet

Girls around the world have been jamming up bandwidth all summer long as they vlog their back to school hauls. It’s been like an online training camp for fashionistas. As the Summer Olympics draw to a close in London, it’s time to step up to the starting blocks for an even bigger world-class event: The Back to School Style Olympics.

There will be triumph (the perfect LBD), tragedy (hot pants -- I don’t really have to say any more) and innumerable acts of grace under pressure (any successful day-into-evening transition). Here’s some advice from your style coach on how to stay ahead of the pack and come out a winner.

Woman shopping for clothes

The balance beam

This is the dressing exercise with the greatest degree of difficulty because it requires laser focus to balance a trend with what looks good on you. Don’t give in to something you know isn’t flattering just because everyone else is doing it.

The vault

If you want to leap-frog over the competition, do something unexpected. Mix small and large print patterns with similar color stories accented with a single strong solid.

The uneven -- yet parallel

The bar can get set pretty high by your friends with no-limit credit cards. Even if you don’t have endless funds, you can stay in the game with good shopping sense. Create a capsule wardrobe that you can afford and work in low-priced accessories to keep your look fresh as the season progresses.

Mixed medley

Hi-Lo dressing is here to stay. Pairing designer and discount pieces brings everything up to the level of fabulous. Pull out an upset victory by taking a risk with your combinations. Be willing to look further afield than your favorite mall for important sources of inspiration.

The women’s wardrobe relay

Make an event of cleaning your closet. Hand off, don’t cast-off, your lightly worn specials to your girlfriends. Throw a party and have your own closing ceremony for those pieces that really belong in someone else’s wardrobe.

The perfect entry

Go ahead and make as big a splash as you want. Color is continuing strong into fall so you’ll be able to create eye-catching combinations that will get you noticed.

Style hurdles

It’s not easy to try a new look. But with great risk comes great reward. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard this in a fitting, “I never would have put those things together.” Why not?! You won’t know if something works until you try it. So what if you fall! You’ll never grow your look unless you test your limits.

Stay the course

Wait for it... wait for it… that’s right, eventually everything goes on sale. Practice patience, run your own race, keep your technique clean and reap the rewards as a unique and authentic style champion.

More red carpet secrets

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