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Maybe it's because she played a devout surfer in the movie Blue Crush (oldie but goodie) or the fact that her blonde locks look like the Jesus of hair did her dye job, but Kate Bosworth immediately makes us think of comfy, summer style.

Chic (and comfortable!) summer style

We'll work from the bottom up: Check out these adorable neon denim shorts and our favorite bling from Bosworth and JewelMint!

Kate collaborates with her stylist, Cher Coulter, to create chic jewelry designs, and even handbags, for her JewelMint.com boutique. They recently launched their July Fashion Film, and in it, Kate can be seen strolling through Me-hee-co in various pairs of neon shorts and pieces from the latest JewelMint collection.


Hot shorts in bright colors

Christopher Kane for J Brand pink denim shorts

Hot pink

Thanks to Christopher Kane for J Brand, these hot pink denim shorts have a bit of a vintage vibe with the high waist line.
Neon green denim shorts by AG Jeans

Neon green

Now that's neon! These shorts are perfect with your favorite T-shirt and a cute pair of sandals to keep your look simple, yet chic.
Purple cut offs by Ralph Lauren

Pretty purple

This pretty purple pair (sheesh, tongue twister!) is brought to you by Ralph Lauren. They are low-rise with extra distress.


Earrings and rings

Calypso island earrings by Kate Bosworth's JewelMint

Calypso island earrings

Ideal for island beauty... or to help you pretend you're on an island. Consider them a $30 vacation.
Legacy Ring by Kate Bosworth's JewelMint

The legacy ring

This bad boy is stylish for every season, dazzled with pavé crystals, aqua and regal amethyst colored jewels.
Sugarpop earrings by by Kate Bosworth's JewelMint

Sugar pop earrings

With a fabulous color palette and all the sparkle, these are too much fun to pass up!


Pendants and bracelets

Apple a Day pendant by Kate Bosworth's JewelMint

Apple a day pendant

So, you don't like fruit? Get your daily dose with this cute pendant instead. It even opens up as a compartment you can store keepsakes in.
Houdini bracelets by Kate Bosworth's Jewelmint

Houdini bracelets

We thought these were so unique! You can use them in your wardrobe and on the Magic Mike you may have in your life. Maybe?
Natural Wonder bracelets by Kate Bosworth's Jewelmint

Natural Wonder bracelets

Mix your mints! The mixed metals that make up the Natural Wonder bracelets will match almost everything in your closet.

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Watch the fashion film:

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Comments on "Soak up Kate Bosworth's beachy look for summer"

BELLA August 03, 2012 | 9:24 AM

Surf Goddess Perfection? What tripe, Zoe! I mean, who are you kidding? Why are people ALWAYS referring back to KB's Blue Crush days (the only film people know she's been in and that's got to be waaaay over a decade ago now) when we were all still in prep school (your Junior High, I believe)? That was AGES ago and it's not as if she's a profound theatrical/drama talent for the big screen. I completely agree with KIM and Viking65 and have to ask why SHEKNOWS is taking any interest in this vapid creature. You call her a natural beauty, Emma: if you call bleaching one's hair to its razor-sharp dry edge, having regular botox and chemical peels to keep the starving and smoke-sagged skin at bay, manipulating her bulemic body to within just-about liveable proportions and fancying herself a style icon (what would she be without the half-talent that is Cher?!) and this is your "natural beauty", well then I am Grace Kelly!

kim August 03, 2012 | 7:14 AM

omg please stop shoving this talentless nobody down our throats. and her overpriced, tacky jewelry as well. and you can give her stylist credit for any outfits she ever wears (even to the grocery store) that you like. they're certainly not kate's doing.

viking65 August 01, 2012 | 1:55 PM

Guys are you serious. It is quite easy to look effortless when you have a stylist, as amazing as Cher Coulter pick out your clothes that you wear just to go to the store or run errands, I mean come on. There is nothing natural about Kate and there hasn't been since before Blue Crush. Please guys just look at her face then and now and I think you would change your mind about her. Her hair doesn't look like the "Jesus of hair", takes care of it, she has a terrible receding hair line and her hair when seen up close is thin and so dry it looks like it would break off in your hand. Yes, some of the JM pcs are wonderful, but I am sorry I believe it is Cher that does the designing and the JM commercials have turned into audition shorts for Kate, they no longer show the jewlery as they should, they just focus on her doing very strange things. I hope JM goes back to its original format, because I watch those commercials to see the jewlery, not Kate kissing into the camera.

Emma July 31, 2012 | 10:15 AM

I think Kate Bosworth has a natural beauty that not a lot of women can match. She is just so gorgeous and doesn't have to try hard. I do think accessories really pull an outfit together and change its entire look. These are perfect picks for the summer beach beauty!

Zoe July 30, 2012 | 9:55 AM

I adore Kate Bosworth's effortless chic look. I think women are still trying to figure out how Kate can walk out of the waves looking put together- I know I am! Sure it was a movie and there was probably a crew of stylists ready to primp her to surf goddess perfection BUT even offscreen Kate has a natural beauty and great easy style that is enviable. So excited to check out her jewelry line!

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