Rebecca Minkoff crossbody purse
convertible style

The cross-body

Good news! Your favorite cross-body can easily transition from the office to weekend brunch to date night. Use our guide below to learn how to easily style your bag, like this colorful Rebecca Minkoff stunner -- three different ways.

For work

Ditch your boring black briefcase, and pair your colorful cross-body with a sleek suit (or fitted blazer and dark jeans) for that sophisticated silhouette, with a slight edge. Not only will the shoulder style leave your hands free for your coffee, phone and tablet, but the modern take on the classic work bag will turn all of your colleagues' heads.

For work

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For the weekend

Heading to brunch or a picnic in the park with your man? Use your cross-body as a chic messenger bag with cut-offs, a flowy top and fun accessories like a fedora and strappy sandals. If you are opting for a brightly colored bag, like this Rebecca Minkoff option, try a neutral outfit, so the bag really stands out.

For the weekend

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For date night

Did you ever think an office and weekend bag could work perfectly for a night out with your man? Well, with some quick DIY (e.g. tucking the strap into the body of the bag), you can instantly transform your colorful cross-body into an oversized envelope clutch -- perfect when paired with a corset dress and sexy heels.

For date night

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Kristina September 25, 2012 | 11:15 AM

I adore the office look! Although, it might be more of a casual Friday style, it's absolutely adorable. Those jeans and that blazer are perfection. So cute!

Shelley September 18, 2012 | 11:22 AM

This bag looks very fall-ish and fabulous. I like that it looks like it can go with any outfit. Thanks for the idea, I'm going to have to go shopping for something like this soon.

Tina September 18, 2012 | 10:37 AM

I love this bag! I spied a similar one in TJ Maxx the other day and am dreading passing it up. I'm all about one bag that can be worn for every day occasions and still look great! This bag just seems perfect for fall.

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