L'Oreal's BB cream

Product review: L'Oreal's BB cream

There are creams and then there are "Beauty Balm" (BB) creams. L'Oreal is the latest brand to jump on the BB bandwagon, and its new Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator aims to do a lot: See how it measures up in our review.

BB creams are like mascaras these days: Every girl probably owns one. But in the crop of ever burgeoning options, L'Oreal's Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator ($17) promises several benefits, and has an impressively light texture.

Here's what the product promises:

  • Instant luminosity;
  • A broad-spectrum SPF 15 that protects skin;
  • Hyaluronic spheres that moisturize for 24 hours;
  • A pleasant light floral scent;
  • Two universal tints to flatter all complexions (light and medium).

The cream is formulated for all skin types, has a refreshing fragrance and is definitely not overpowering. It promotes an immediate lightening effect, as you can see from the before/after pictures. Compared to so many other BB creams on the market, this product also has the added benefit of being an illuminator -- so luminous skin is a healthy expectation.

The ingredients of vitamins B3 and C5 serve to brighten the skin, Pro Cysteine protects the skin from environmental aggressors and chestnut seed extract helps with natural skin exfoliation. It also promises an instant lightening effect.

Before photo


After photo


The bottom line

There are several other brands that boast BB creams. Origins' A Perfect World cream ($35) offers hydration through Silver Tip White Tea and promises eight hours of perfection. Clinique's Age Defense BB Cream ($37) promises instant perfection and acts as a primer as well. What does L'Oreal's new offering add to the BB cream pool?

First and foremost -- the price. Many BB creams are priced over $30, and L'Oreal's offering is very affordable. Secondly, the ingredients are top notch and offer your skin the hydration and luminosity you need for that beautiful summer skin glow.

The bottom line? You won't be disappointed!

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Comments on "L'Oreal's new Youth Code BB Cream Illuminator: Review"

carol November 01, 2012 | 4:09 PM

Ladies, I have never heard of or used "BB" creams. I found a little sample in a magazine, and originally thought it was just some under eye cream (it was late and I was getting ready for bed). I smoothed the stuff on and I honestly couldn't believe it. The product is very light to the touch and comes out white, but, it turns color and in my case, the "light" shade was perfect. So nice that I could probably go out without any additional foundation. I used it in the morning when putting my make up on and another huge plus for me..... it didn't get weird and pill like, or start crusting off of my sun screen. I wear 100 uv protection sun screen over my regular moisturizer and frequently, any other product other than powder foundation (I use Bare Escentuals) will pill up and ruin the whole process. This L'Oreal product went on nice and matte, blended perfectly, and when I put my powder foundation over it.... my skin literally looked porcelain perfect. I went to Rite Aid today to try to find it... no on the shelf yet. I normally won't make a special trip for a makeup product - but, this one, I did. I love it.

dany August 10, 2012 | 3:12 AM

So after Garnier, now Loreal also? Looks like all big companies will soon have their own BB cream, but I still think those from smaller companies thaat are more specialized (like this:http://bb-krem/?p=53&lang=en).Well, it is still good sign that bb creams really are useful.

Emma August 09, 2012 | 8:22 AM

I did not realize the craze of BB Cream and all of its benefits. But now that I do, when I try it our Loreal will definitely be what I go to first! Not only for cost but this review is so helpful of the benefits and to see the actual results.

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