Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural lipstick
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Creamy yet naturally shiny lipstick is back

A sheer pop of color is right on target for summer. And a new kid on the color block, Make Up For Ever's Rouge Artist Natural lipstick, promises luminosity, a creamy texture and lots of moisture. See how it measures up.

Most lipsticks make the same type of promises. Like marriage vows, they assure loyalty. "I'll stick by you till the end," or "I promise to give you anything you need."

While we don't need the moon, we do need guarantees to be met. Make Up For Ever's new Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks don't overwhelm you with the intensity (for that, use the Rouge Artist Intense line, as the name implies). They're about creating a sheer pop of glossy color that lasts and lasts -- just like the Energizer Bunny.

The star ingredient in these lipsticks is cupuacu butter, which is chockfull of essential fatty acids. The lippie also has candelilla and beeswax which promise to add moisture and increase the longevity of the color. It's also formulated with mother of pearl and colorful pigments, so the result is a translucent shine. It also comes in two finishes: satin and pearly.

The Rouge Artist Natural lipsticks come in a whole range of shades from light browns to berries to dark brights. The Iridescent Nude (#N1) is perfect for those who want just a whisper of shimmer on the lips, and the Iridescent Orange Pink (#N35) is completely on trend with the summer. If you're really bold and daring, try the IT color for the season, the not-quite-but-almost-Goth Aubergine (#N50).

Does it work?

If you want my verdict in a nutshell, the answer is yes. The lipsticks do look completely natural, and not as though you're trying too hard (think Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality rather than Gwen Stefani), and that's very much on trend.

I applied the lipstick in the morning, and it still wore well for three hours, until lunchtime. Do you have to reapply? Of course! Have you encountered a single moisturizing lipstick that didn't allow you to reapply? But I'd rather take the moisturizing factor any day compared to a lipstick that dried out my lips.

The satin finish goes on without too much shine, and the pearly is ALL about shine. But it's not a Vegas-style high-wattage chandelier type of shine: It's more everyday glam.

For $19 a pop, the lippies cost a little bit more than your monthly Birchbox subscription. And you're probably saying, well, I have a beauty closet full of lippies right now; do I really need one more? The answer depends on if you like a natural look. The runway looks for the summer were all about the effortless, don't-try-too-hard beauty looks, and Rouge Artist Natural fits the bill.

After all, who wouldn't want to look as fresh and wholesome as Sandra Bullock?

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