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3 Effortless summer looks

Welcome SK Style Watchers! I’m personal stylist Jill Laine, and each week I’ll be bringing you a pick from my favorite trend along with tips on how to wear it. I’ll sort through the fabulous, the so-so and the downright scary styles to bring you only the best! Up this week: an accessory that turns into a dress, skirt and halter top!

I bet most of you are familiar with scarves as an accessory to your outfit, but today I’m going to show you how to take a simple scarf and turn it into an outfit in itself! Once you learn how to use a scarf in this new way, you’re going to absolutely love the versatility this brings to your wardrobe. And that is why it’s my pick as favorite trend of the week.

You’ll want a generous scarf for best results, 70 inches in length and at least 32 inches wide.


Simple sundress

For our first look, an easy summer dress, you’ll just take the scarf length-wise around your body and bring the ends around evenly in the front. Next you’ll cross the ends, creating a simple but secure knot above your bust. I like to take the ends and crisscross them a few times, creating a twisted design. Then take the remainder of the ends and knot them at the nape of your neck, twice for support.

You can wear this dress over your bathing suit or shorts, but if you want to wear it as an actual dress, for extra coverage I recommend taking a belt and securing the scarf at your waist. This will prevent any unwanted wardrobe malfunctions!


Summer skirt

Who doesn’t love a great summer skirt, and that’s what we’re going to create next! For this look you’ll also take the scarf length-wise, and bring it around your waist at the side. You’ll take the fabric slightly past your waist line, and then make two ends with the fabric, tying them twice for support. The remaining fabric from the scarf will cascade down your side. This style can be done as a mini skirt as well -- all you have to do is fold the scarf in half length-wise and then proceed with the rest of the steps. Et voila, one scarf, two skirts!

Backless halter top

For a sweltering summer day, I love our final look. The halter top provides a lot of natural air conditioning because it’s backless. This time you’ll want to fold the scarf in half width-wise, take the top two ends and tie them around your neck, twice for support. You’ll take the farthest bottom ends and wrap them around your waist in the back, tying twice for support, letting the other two ends hang loose. This halter is voluminous and billowy, so it’s perfect worn with shorts or something fitted on the bottom.

And there you have it, SK style watchers! One scarf, three looks. Do you have your own favorite scarf creation? Tell me about it! I love to hear from you! Tweet me on Twitter or follow me on Facebook!

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Emma May 23, 2012 | 10:38 AM

I think this is such a fun idea, but one I am so scared to try due to obvious concern of wardrobe malfunction! Someone I know just wore a scarf skirt, super cute, but she was messing with it the whole night to make sure it stayed in place. I love new ways to wear scarves, but this is a little much for me.

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