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Do they really make you look wider?

Welcome SK Style Watchers! I’m personal stylist Jill Laine, and each week I’ll be bringing you a pick from my favorite trend and tips on how to wear it. I’ll sort through the fabulous, the so-so and the downright scary styles to bring you only the best! Up this week: stripes!

Although they have become a classic spring and summer wardrobe staple, stripes are experiencing an extra-huge resurgence in popularity this season, which is why they are my pick as trend of the week.

As a personal stylist, I’ve had many of my clients tell me that they are afraid to wear stripes, that all stripes will make you appear wider and heavier. So, is this true? I’m happy to report that no, this isn’t true, and I’m going to give you three simple tips on how to wear your stripes with great success!

Stripped shorts (Top Shop, $64)


Choose a stripe in a soft or muted color, that isn’t in vivid contrast to the background color of your article of clothing. This makes the stripe appear less obvious, but still fresh and fun! The stronger the contrast of color is, the more obvious the stripe and emphasis on the horizontal.

Stripped shorts (Topshop, $64)

Dress (H&M, $13)


Look for smaller, narrow stripes to keep your figure looking fabulous! The wider the stripe, the more it emphasizes the horizontal, making you appear wider too.

Dress (H&M, $13)

Colorblock stripe T ($39.99, J.Crew)


Alternating the widths and colors of the stripes is another great trick for wearing stripes successfully -- as is wearing asymmetrical stripes, where the design of the stripes is at an angle, diffusing the horizontal line.

Colorblock stripe T ($45, J.Crew)

So remember color, size and pattern. And to avoid looking larger, do not wear stripes with vividly contrasting colors or stripes that are even and wide. As you can see, stripes are indeed a trend for everybody. So get to it, get out there and earn your stripes!

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Check back every week right here on SheKnows to see if there’s a new trend that you may want to try. Next week I’ll be discussing summer scarves! I'll show you how to take a simple scarf and turn it into a whole outfit.

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Comments on "Trendspotting with Jill Laine: Stripes!"

Emily May 24, 2012 | 9:07 AM

I too love this stripe trend, but I was always told horizontal stripes are a privelage, not a right, so I am glad to know there are stripes out there for everyone. What about chevron stripes? Are diagonal striped just as flattering and in season as horizontal stripes seem to be? Also,you mention a soft, muted colored stripe. Would that leave out black and white and or black and navy stripes? Overall, a lot of great tips I will keep in mind next time I want to add some striped to my wardrobe.

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