Say Hello To Yellow

This season, color coordinate your clothes with your daughter by wearing cute paired outfits in beautiful shades of yellow. The garments don't have to match exactly -- just be similar styles. Here are some of our favorite yellow pieces for moms and daughters.

How to wear yellow

If you think you can't wear yellow, think again. Yellow comes in so many shades -- from pale pastel yellow to bright school bus yellow to deep golden yellow. For a light complexion and blonde hair, choose muted hues rather than bold shades. Bright lemon yellow usually looks best with medium or olive skin tones. Those with dark skin may look best with a true gold. Experiment to find the right yellow for you.

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Neon yellow dresses

Neon yellow dresses

Make a big statement with a neon yellow dress accented with ruffles. Moms will adore this Catherine Malandrino crochet tank dress ($345). Available at Bergdorf Goodman, this neon yellow dress features a slim silhouette and ruffled hemline. For your little one, try this Mignone allover ruffle dress ($42). This flouncy cotton dress is available at Nordstrom in little girls' sizes.

Floral yellow tees

Floral yellow tees

For spring and summertime, get into florals. You can snag this SONOMA life + style floral embellished tee ($14) on sale right now at Kohl's. It's perfect for moms or teens. For younger girls, the heatseal floral boxy tee ($11) is discounted at Aeropostale and comes in sizes XS-XL.

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Yellow skirts

Yellow skirts

Partner a sassy, pleated yellow skirt with your favorite tank or blouse. The Pink Tartan pleated A-line skirt ($295) is a fabulous choice for any mom. For your young daughter, pick a skirt that is frilly and fun. We adore the Circo yellow tutu skirt ($10) from Target. It comes in infant and toddler sizes. For tweens and teens, take a look at the Frenchi crochet trim full skirt ($38) in junior sizes.

Yellow sandals

Yellow sandals

Yellow sandals with floral accents are all the rage this season. For a mother-daughter look, you can partner these sandals with everything from tees and capris to breezy cotton dresses. Moms and teens can slip into these Nicole Petals sandals ($79) from Piperlime. For your wee ones, Carter's offers these yellow flower sandals in sizes five to 12.

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Watch: Color analysis

The colors you wear can make you look vibrant and beautiful, or they can make you look tired and washed out. Watch this video to learn more about color analysis and finding the right colors for you.

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