Michael Kors' Spring Collection dress

I see spots

Michael Kors' spring collection transported us to an exotic African jungle with his bold animal prints, luscious neutrals and fierce cuts. Wondering how to fit this fiery hot trend into your everyday life? Join us as we show you how to shop this must-have look.

The statement dress

Slipping into an animal print frock is the easiest way to embody this safari-themed trend. If you’re slightly hesitant to wear such a bold print, try a slightly muted version like the Kors' look or this longer Elizabeth and James maxi option. You will still give off that feisty animal vibe without going overboard.

Keep in mind, when rocking any sort of animal print, whether it is bold or not, make sure your accessories are neutral so they don’t take focus away from the primary garment. You don’t want to look like an entire leopard, do you?

Safari statement dress

Elizabeth and James Garrison Leopard Maxi Dress $266, Auri Donna Wedge Sandal $159,
Forever 21 Triangle Chain Necklace
$6, ASOS Whistles Bernadette Chain Bracelet $31,
Lulu’s Round and About Sunglasses $9

The bold accessory

If you’re not quite ready for such a statement print on your apparel, you can still easily make this safari trend work in your accessories. Try adding a little cheetah or zebra to a cute bag for work or a killer pair of heels for that night out with the girls.

To complete this ultimate "Africa excursion" look, add a chic anorak over a simple pair of shorts and a tank. Your animal print accessory, like this Rebecca Minkoff clutch, will be sure to pop in all the right ways with these basic pieces.

Safari bold accessory

Thimister Tie Neck Jacket $1,402, Topshop Sport Silk Shorts $80,
Old Navy Perfect Rib-Knit Tank $7,Rebecca Minkoff Leopard Canvas Mini M.A.C. $175,
Charlotte Russe Mixed-Media Strappy Wedge
$39, Forever 21 Goddess Leaves Bangle Set $7

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Emma June 05, 2012 | 3:23 PM

I love the statement piece in the first ensemble. It is gorgeous, shows off the style and look but isn't over powering in the safari theme. The bold accessory is great too! I just read a blog today about how animal print can be worn as a neutral too.

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