Beachy Vibes On Your Nails

Sometimes you just want to get away. If you’re lucky enough to go on a tropical vacation this summer, these tropical-inspired nail designs will look great amongst all that white sand and crystal clear water. Even if you can’t take the time away from home, these nail designs can help you get away -- if only in your mind.

Watermelon nails

Watermelon nails.

Nothing is more refreshing on a hot summer day than biting into a cold slice of watermelon. Now, get that image out of your head and onto your nails. These fun, fruity nails are achieved by starting with a base of bright pink polish like OPI’s Too Hot Pink (, $6). After the pink coat dries, brush some clear top coat over it. Once both layers are dry, take a black nail pen -- like Sally Hansen’s Color Quick (Ulta, $8) -- and make small dots to look like seeds. Once the dots dry, brush a straight line of green at the tips, like L.A. Colors Art Deco Nail Art in Bright Green (, $5).

Photo credit: theinvisiblewombat via Flickr

Tropical stripes

Tropical stripes

These brightly-colored stripes look like the shirts, swimsuits and umbrellas you’ll see on the beach. First, start with a pink bottom coat, like China Glaze in Pink Voltage (, $7), and let dry. On your index and ring fingers, brush a bright yellow polish at the base of the nail, using a color like Kleancolor’s Funky Yellow (, $2). Then, using Sally Hansen’s Chrome Nail Makeup in White Pearl (, $20), brush on the final stripe. Cover with a top coat and let dry.

Photo credit: lacrisma via Flickr

Tribal nails

Tribal nails

This swimsuit-inspired look takes its attitude from tribal tropical attire. First, coat your nail with a bright red polish like OPI’s Apple Red (, $9) and let dry. Brush on some white polish on the sides of each nail, covering the red color as pictured. A nice, brilliant white like Suncoat’s Pearl White (, $7) will look stunning. Then, using the black Sally Hansen nail pen mentioned above, draw on the striking stripes. Let dry and finish with a clear coat.

Photo credit: lacrisma via Flickr

Tiger stripes

Tiger stripes

Go wild this season! Start with a base coat of gold nail polish. Essie polish in Shifting Power (, $8) should do the trick. Then, with the Sally Hansen Color Quick nail pen mentioned above, draw on stripes. Set with a nice, healthy coat of top coat.

Photo credit: lacrisma via Flickr

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didi August 14, 2012 | 1:16 PM

this rocks

Liz June 04, 2012 | 10:31 AM

These are cute and look easy to do by yourself! I especially love the watermelon, so cute!

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