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We all have pieces of clothing that we love, but there's something especially endearing about our favorite pair of jeans. Whether you love your jeans for their bum-boosting ability or their comfy, slouchy fit, we wanted to hear from readers -- what makes your favorite jeans your favorite pair?

The fit is incredible

Well-cut jeans have a way of making a woman look taller, thinner and perfectly curvy with well-placed pockets, seams and varied dye saturation. Finding a pair that seems to be perfectly suited to your body's shape is like finding the Holy Grail of denim. Katie Brucker, a jeans enthusiast with at least 20 pairs, found her favorite in Paige Denim. "Paige Denim has been my favorite brand for years. The jeans fit really well in the waist and butt," she says, "and the way they are cut to fit in the legs is very elongating. Plus, they come in a variety of washes, so I can style them as dressy or casually as I want. I own at least eight pairs of Paige! Love 'em!"

Kimberlie Hiltachk, a tall woman who needs jeans to fit her height has two favorites, both based on fit. "My favorite jeans are Paige Hidden Hills. They are slightly high-waisted (but definitely not mom jeans), so your crack doesn't show when you sit or bend down. They come in a long length that is easily hemmed. I am 5'9", so they are perfect for me with heels. I also love Joe's Jeans The Honey. It's made for girls with a bit of a booty and muscular legs -- it's not too skinny in the thigh."

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They're high quality, but a great price

Who doesn't love a good deal? Sometimes, a great pair of jeans is just that much better when you can brag to your friends about how little you spent on such a flattering fashion staple.

Chauniqua Major, a PR rep from Florida, agrees wholeheartedly, saying, "my denim of choice is Tory Burch's Super Skinny jean. They fit really well and the denim is high quality -- I get a ton of compliments when I wear them! Plus, I got them on sale. They were normally $200, but I got them for $60!"

Chauniqua isn't alone. Mary Simon, a teacher from Louisiana, found her favorite jean the same way. "I actually discovered my favorite jean by chance. I was visiting family on vacation and tore the jeans I brought with me, so I stopped at Target to pick up an inexpensive pair. I found dENiZEN's Totally Shaping Boot Cut jean and fell in love -- a pair costs less than $30, but the fit is amazing. I can load up on denim for the same prices as a single pair of my old jeans."

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They just make you feel good

Sometimes all you need is that special feeling. Jeans can be empowering, relaxing and sexifying -- they can do it all! Kara Burke, a single New York woman who loves the nightlife, swears by her 7 For All Mankind Roxanne Jeans: "They just make me feel sexy. Like when I put them on, I can do anything!"

Melissa Parker from Belton, TX is similarly motivated by feeling: "I have to wear a suit to work every day, so, when I get home, I want to feel comfortable and relaxed. I pull out my good ol' Levi's and throw them on. I've had them for years; I have no idea what style they are, but they're cozy and feel like home. The denim is soft and worn, the edges are frayed, but I don't think I'll ever throw them away."

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