Project Runway All Stars recap Episode 8
Project Runway recap

My country,
'tis of thee

The designers are our new world leaders. (Well maybe just in terms of fashion). As our remaining contestants design a look based on different cultures, I take you around the world as your personal Project Runway guru during the "All Star" edition to dish on this season's jaw dropping moments, to die for designs (and messes for that matter) and cat fights of the night (let's be real -- my favorite part). Ladies, why don't you grab a cocktail and strut down the runway with me.

When Angela brought the designers to the United Nations, I initially thought… well that's certainly different than last week's glitzy Broadway episode. Like, really different. While the world's leaders join together at the United Nations, I was very curious to see how these designers would come together to design a look based on different countries.

My first thought when the designers were shopping for fabric at Mood was: Can Kenley please choose a fabric that is not polka dots?! Try something different. But you never know, maybe her look will be major.

Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 8 -- Mondo
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 8 -- Jerell
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 8 -- Mila

During the workroom hours, you could literally feel Mr. Porcelain's tension as he tried to design a look for Seychelles. Creating something chic with primary colors? A challenge. When Michael (one of my favorite designers) started draping his Grecian-inspired look, I started dying -- so pretty with the one-shoulder and flowy fabric. Couldn't wait for this runway moment.

When Joanna waltzed in wearing her flaming yellow pants, she was most concerned with how women would wear bras with each of these designs. I mean come on, is that really the big picture here? Get over the underwear! But, undergarments aside, her best comment of the episode: "Are you convinced you can stand out?" Naturally this was in reference to Kenley's '50s-inspired polka dot party dress. We've seen this look pretty much every episode, so we were just as bored as Joanna. Maybe we'll just take a nap when she sends this look down the runway. (Read on because we definitely couldn't sleep during her final look).

Runway reactions

OK, it's time for the best part! Runway time.

Jerell: Ruined this cool dress with the green draping. However, the dress by itself is stunning. Very costume-inspired.

Kenley: Chile? Well maybe a totally fun party girl that landed in the beautiful country.

Austin: Kind of pulled this off in a fairy princess kind of way. Just a little boring.

Mondo: The black is classic and stunning.

Mila: Victor Victoria-inspired. A little too abstract for me.

Michael: Very Grecian, but the back is way too low. Toga party-esque.

The winner? Mondo. I do agree because his chic and sophisticated black gown was stunning. However, let's not forget about Kenley who definitely rocked it as well. (She just needs to get out of her comfort zone). The loser? Mila. While I technically thought Jerell's look was the worst, Mila's was just a little too out there for me. Bye bye.

My predicted winner after this week's episode: Mondo

See you next week!


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