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Welcome to my life as a runway guru… well Project Runway guru, that is. Each week I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the show's new "All Star" edition as SheKnows' resident style guy to dish on this season's jaw dropping moments, to die for designs (and messes for that matter) and cat fights of the night (let's be real -- my favorite part). Ladies, why don't you grab a cocktail and strut down the runway with me.

Our bustling designers stripped the clothes off New Yorkers' backs last week for an exclusive "muse challenge," and while I was secretly hoping I'd see a few half naked pedestrians again (OK, I'm kidding), I was thrilled when Angela introduced a "seasons challenge."

While designing for different seasons is pretty standard and boring, in natural Project Runway fashion, this turned into a fashion face-off! Wohoo! Meaning, the two designers that had the same season would go head to head and compete against their designs. Finally… an extra juicy episode.

Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 6 -- Jerrel Scott
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 6 -- Kara Janx
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 6 -- Michael Costello

You could feel the tension in the design room when the designers started spying on their competitors' designs. The best moment? Michael's tiff with Jerell. When Michael's original vest idea went south, his new design started awkwardly resembling Jerell's. While Michael has been one of my favorites the entire season, I was somewhat shocked to see this, but let's be real… I loved the drama. Their fights were like something out of Mean Girls.

When Joanna strolled in with her electric yellow/green sweater, you could instantly tell she was excited to see Mr. Porcelain's creation. "This is American sportswear," she gushed. But the happiness of course couldn't last for long when Joanna noticed Jerell and Michael's similar creations. She even played "team mom" to discuss the issue with all of the designers. But honestly, this is a competition! Jerell, if you're annoyed that Michael is stealing your design, work harder, please.

Runway reactions

Now let's get to the good stuff. Dim the lights and let's talk runway!

  • Austin. Conservative Connecticut floral moment. A little boring, but beautifully made pants.
  • Kara. While beachy cool and minimalistic, this is nothing new.
  • Kenley. Kenley does need to lay off the polka dots, but this is a really fun alternative to a romper.
  • Mondo. A totally fun festival look… meaning a crazy raver that has no idea how to mix prints.
  • Rami. The green is way too much… the model looks like the Grinch. But, the blue jacket is beautiful.
  • Mila. This screams fall with the cape. Chic.
  • Jerrell. Amazing coat. I desperately want to wear this… and yes, I'm a guy.
  • Michael. The professional snow queen. A belted coat? Uber polished.

The winner? Jerell. My winner? Jerell… of course! I can't even talk about how divine that coat was. The loser? Rami. I was a little disappointed about this one because Rami really has been consistent throughout the competition. But, he didn't bring it as much this episode.

My predicted winner after this week's episode: Michael or Jerell

See you next week!


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