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Welcome to my life as a runway guru… well Project Runway guru, that is. Each week I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the show's new "All Star" edition as SheKnows' resident style guy to dish on this season's jaw dropping moments, to die for designs (and messes for that matter) and cat fights of the night (let's be real -- my favorite part). Ladies, why don't you grab a cocktail and strut down the runway with me.

After last week's yummy gelato-inspired episode, I wondered what crazy challenge the designers would have to tackle this week. In true All Stars form, Angela Lindvall introduced a special "New York City muse" theme on a beautiful sunny day in Central Park. The best part about this challenge? The designers had to find a muse in the city who would literally give their clothes off their back to create a look, and then create their design using at least 50 percent of those clothes. Meaning… a totally insane scramble for the designers. (But really, the designers had two days to do this challenge… so I was expecting something amazing.)

To be honest, watching these insane designers try to convince civilians to be their muses was beyond hysterical (and kind of sad). If I saw a crazily flamboyant Anthony running towards me, I would probably run the other way. But, Mr. Porcelain definitely had a nicer, softer approach when trying to inspire and convince his young artist muse. Wait a hot minute; enough of Mr. Porcelain. After all of that, Anthony found a man to completely strip naked in the middle of New York City? This episode was definitely starting to heat up. The sweetest part about this episode? Three designers lent Kara challenge money to buy fabric at Mood! Aww. A nice break from a catfight moment.

Project Runway recap episode 5 -- Austin
Project Runway recap episode 5 -- Kara
Project Runway recap episode 5 -- Mondo
"It looks a bit doily."

While Anthony did find a hot muse, his brainstorming session was not so hot. You could definitely notice his design struggles as his competitors were hard at work. Joanna even had that blank look on her face with Anthony's wild fabric choices and lack of direction. Uh oh. This could end very badly. However, Joanna's best quote of the night? "It looks a bit doily." Eeeks. Michael, while you are one of my favorites, an ugly lace motif is never a good look. Good luck.

The oddest part of this episode? Kenley's need to go around the room giving designers advice and helping them sew to finish looks! This is a competition! Why are you helping? Let's be real; I was secretly hoping she was giving horrific advice to sabotage.

Runway reactions

Alright, it's my favorite time… dim the lights and let's talk designs!

  • Michael: Who on earth would wear this? Maybe a hipster stripper?
  • Austin: A little overworked, but has that ridiculously cool Lady Gaga-inspired vibe.
  • Kara: Clean and summer brunching look.
  • Mia: Rocker chic. I actually totally want that vest.
  • Jerell: What is happening with this outfit? This looks like a hot mess of too many patterns.
  • Rami: Very wearable. Perfect for the office and out afterwards.
  • Kenley: Crazy lines, but visually wearable and fun.
  • Anthony: Welcome to '70s Miami. (But a boring version.)
  • Mondo: A little much, but the biker jacket with the printed short? Perfection.

The winner? Mondo. Totally agree with this one… it was pure fashion. My winner? Rami. This really was the most wearable look on the runway and one I wanted all of my girlfriends to rock. The loser? Anthony. Realistically, his design really was boring, but his personality will be missed.

My predicted winner after this week's episode: Mondo

See you next week!


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I am obsessed with this show! Almost to the point that I need to join an anonymous group and have sponsors help me with my addiction. LOVE it!!

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