Whether you’re in love with your curls or you
can’t wait to straighten them every day, you
have to admit that curls in general are pretty
sexy. There’s just something so flirty and fun
about a head full of curls, after all. If you fall
in the "I hate my curls" category, it’s time to
stop resisting the power of the curly hairstyle. We’re here to help you work with and learn to
love your hair’s curly texture.

If you fall in the "I hate my curls" category, it's time to stop resisting the power of the curl. We're here to help you work with and learn to love your hair's curly texture.

This month at SheKnows, we're all about embracing your natural beauty and teaching you to love your look. To help all the curly ladies out there learn to love their locks, we chatted with Justine Piecuch, a hair stylist at Boston's renowned Jeffrey Lyle Salon, to get a few hair tips for embracing your curly hair's natural texture. Once we get done with you, we hope you'll love your curls as much as we do!

"Often times we fight what our hair is really trying to do, spending hours on a style that we're not even excited to walk out of the house with," Piecuch says. "For those with natural texture (curls), I'm not sure you truly realize how lucky you are."

In many ways, curly ladies have pretty much hit the hair goldmine. Not sure why? Here are a few reasons Piecuch offered:


You can always pull together an amazing updo last minute.


You always have volume.


A blow out will last longer because of the natural body in the hair.


When wearing hair curly, you don't have to always wash it daily.


You have no idea how versatile you can actually be!

Still not convinced? How about we make things a little fun? Since many gals with curls often get bored with their look, Piecuch loves to show her clients different ways to make the curly hairstyle more polished. Try this out and tell us what you think!


After applying a curling cream, twist 1-inch sections of hair.


Dry the hair with either a diffuser or by gently scrunching the hair.


After removing all the moisture, wrap vertical sections around a
1-inch curling iron, rotating the direction of the curls.


Apply a texture paste to blend the waves together. "This is a great way to still feel like yourself and more polished," Piecuch says.

"Drew Barrymore is always great inspiration for waves since she keeps the textured look, but tames it a bit by popping in a few curls."

The bottom line?

Next time you're reaching for the straightener, think again! Curly hair can be fun, flirty, sexy... basically whatever you want it to be! Women shell out tons of cash on curling creams and irons to achieve the look you've got for free, so work it girl!


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Comments on "Learn to love your curls"

Brittani June 05, 2013 | 5:56 PM

These are great tips!

Brittani May 27, 2013 | 8:24 AM

Some days I don't mind my curly hair. But I have to style it & add things to my hair in a small window, or it doesn't come out the way I want it to. I get this layer on top that comes out all frizzy. I HATE it! When I style it right & I love it!

Heather January 28, 2013 | 1:11 PM

The trick I have found to tame curly hair is lots of moisture. I use a straightening conditioner such as Pro V comb through to get the knots out, squeeze water out of my hair then wrap a towel around it for a few minutes. Then I put a small amount of heavy conditioner on my hands work it through my hair especially on the tips. Let it soak in for a bit then I put a good gel (either a straightening gel or a curl gel. I find the straightening gel holds my curls way better then a curling gel) and I work it through my curls and let it air dry. I have naturally very curly hair and have used a straightener to take some of the curl out but again before I use a straightener I put a heavy conditioner in my hair to help protect and not board straighten it. I also ad the conditioner to the straightener. Loosens my curls just enough so I have nice fairly tight waves. I have learned to love my curls.

Lauren October 30, 2012 | 3:31 PM

I would DIE for curly hairy! My hair is stick straight and I can't get it to hold curl for the life of me.

Ella October 21, 2012 | 3:25 PM

I have naturally curly hair and I would usually love it. But it gets so boring... and right now, I have to wear it the same way everyday to hide my layers. The layers are pretty bad in the front and for some reason, It seems like they haven't grown at all since I got my hair cut about 6 months ago. I need to find a new way to do something with my hair. It's frustrating!

Sandra September 06, 2012 | 12:52 PM

With my curly hair over the years i have found a few tricks that never fail. 1b you hair in the shower but not once you have gotten out, sometimes if you disrupt the natural shape to much after showering the curl loses its form. 2. Using a diffuser can be tricky, Try not to touch your hair to much with your hands, it can promote fly aways

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