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Welcome to my life as a runway guru… well Project Runway guru, that is. Each week I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the show's new "All Star" edition as SheKnows' resident style guy to dish on this season's jaw dropping moments, to die for designs (and messes for that matter) and cat fights of the night (let's be real, my favorite part). Ladies, why don't you grab a cocktail and strut down the runway with me.

Going into this week, I really did wonder how anything would top last week's rambunctious Miss Piggy episode. (Let's be real — designing for one of the most famous creatures on the planet is beyond major.) Of course, in true Project Runway form, Angela Lindvall had to come out and take everything to the next level with one word… gelato. A challenge based on food? DIE for it. Plus guest judge Diane Von Furstenberg? Okay, this has definitely topped Miss Piggy.

When the legendary DVF announced the designers would only have six hours to create an entire look, my heart dropped for a hot second. (By the way, this was the fastest challenge in Project Runway history.) How would that even be possible? During sketch time, I was actually really inspired by Michael's pink design. Something dreamy, smooth and flowy? Sounds like gelato to me.

Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 4
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 4
Scenes from Project Runway All Stars Episode 4
"How can you have a fashion moment when you stay with what you're comfortable with?"

The best part about this entire challenge is that pretty much every designer ran around looking like their heads were going to explode. You could feel the tension when Joanna Coles walked into the room. Her best advice of the episode? "How can you have a fashion moment when you stay with what you're comfortable with?" Doesn't get more accurate than that… especially on this show when you need to "wow" every week.

During the workroom hours, I was most nervous for Mila at the start. (Fast forward to my reactions and you'll see my thoughts definitely changed.) Her dress literally looked like a crazy homeless person splattered red paint on a dress. Anthony of course had one or two wretched things to say about it as well. (That I found quite comical.) Even better than that? Mr. Porcelain's look of death to Kara when she stole his sewing machine. Kara, I wouldn't mess with a man that has perfect doll-like skin. Good luck on the runway, honey — that is, if he doesn't push you off.

Runway reactions

Alright, enough gabbing. Let's get to the best part… runway time. Grab your drink and let's dish.

  • Anthony. Looks like a placemat wearing a tutu. Eeeks.
  • April. Interesting architectural top, but the back of the dress freaked me out.
  • Austin. Grecian goddess. Great execution for the time frame.
  • Jerell. I have no words for the mess.
  • Kara. Looks like a yummy cupcake... but the fit? Total maternity dress.
  • Kenley. Fun printed party dress. I like.
  • Michael. A fluid dream. This floats down the runway.
  • Mila. Beautiful lines and looks the most like gelato. I could eat this up.
  • Mondo. Literally looks like a cantaloupe… but the 1970s version.
  • Rami. Looks like Kermit should wear it. (You should have done this last week.)

The winner of this Project Runway challenge? Michael. The dress was a true dream with excellent execution. A great choice. My winner? Mondo. The dress really encompassed the entire challenge and looked like an orange dream. The loser? April. Totally fine with me. She had yet to impress me thus far in the Project Runway All Stars competition. Bye bye.

My predicted winner after this week's episode: Michael

See you next week!


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