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Welcome to my life as a runway guru… well Project Runway guru, that is. Each week I'll be taking you behind the scenes of the show's new "All Star" edition as SheKnows' resident style guy to dish on this season's jaw dropping moments, to die for designs (and messes for that matter) and cat fights of the night (let's be real, my favorite part). Ladies, why don't you grab a cocktail and strut down the runway with me.


Given my obsession with Michael's dress last week, I was beyond excited to see what he was going to create when I tuned in last night. Then… the words Miss Piggy came out of Angela Lindvall's mouth. One word. Dying. I love everything about Miss Piggy and am secretly jealous that Michael and the rest of the designers get to design for one of my idols. (Yes, I just said that.)

I'm going to be honest; hearing the designers talk so seriously about creating a dress for my favorite Muppets star made me laugh out loud. How could you not? After the Mood visit, I was most excited to see what Mr. Porcelain (Austin) had up his very frilly sleeve. I saw mounds of pink fabric... perfect for a girly pig.

Project Runway -- Kara
Project Runway -- Miss Piggy
Project Runway -- Austsin

Of course we couldn't be in the workroom for two minutes before Mondo had to growl at Kara for wanting the same pink gloves. Really? They're gloves. Focus on your design, please. I will say Kara's dress scared me at the start because it looked like she was designing for a dominatrix pig, but maybe that could be a good thing. A dominatrix Miss Piggy... with Kermit? Think about that. Interesting.

During Joanna's visit (let me say how I love the way she waltzes in the room), she (as always) gave expert advice. She is the editor-in-chief of Marie Claire after all. Case in point: "Mondo, make sure you recognize the competition in the room." Eeks. Better step it up, kiddo. Just because you had one good dress in the first episode doesn't mean you'll be safe forever.

Just when I thought the designers were being civil laughing together at the apartment after their first workroom day, Kara had to get in another tiff crying like a baby to Mr. Porcelain about stealing accessories. Sorry, this is a competition. Keep an eye on your stuff. Also, why did you have to become the resident complainer of the episode? You sound like Jennifer Lopez without her dressing room essentials. Two fights in one challenge? Get ahold of yourself.

Runway reactions

Okay, enough about the drama; it's time for my favorite part. Dim the lights... it's runway time. Here are my initial reactions to the designs.

Michael. Looks like Miss Piggy at a hip nightclub in Asia. Chic and cool.

April. Fine, but boring. Barely noticed this one.

Jerell. Too many things going on. Is it girly or is it edgy? I can't decide.

Kara. Dominatrix pig. Kind of cool. Kind of not.

Kenley. Perfect color, but looks like Miss Piggy's "girls" would fall out of that top!

Anthony. This dress literally looks like a monster is eating a simple black dress. What is that colorful mess in the middle?

Rami. Took girly to a new level. Perfect for Miss Piggy when she's dancing with Kermit in Barcelona.

Mila. Black. For Miss Piggy? This isn't The Addams Family.

Gordana. No shape for a sexy pig. Snooze fest.

Austin. Expertly designed, but use more pink!! This is Miss Piggy. Make it more fun!

Mondo. Looks like a glitter mess threw up on an un-fitted dress.

The winner? Michael. Am I okay with that? Definitely. His dress was cool and edgy. A nice change for Miss Piggy. My winner? Rami. It was really the only dress that actually screamed Miss Piggy right away! Genius. The loser? Gordana… fine with me. Miss Piggy would never wear a shapeless dress.

My predicted winner after this week's episode: Michael

See you next week!


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