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Do you have long, short or curly hair? Celebrity hairstylist and author Rochelle Mosley gives her hair tips on how to look drop dead gorgeous this holiday season.

Whether she's styling Serena Williams' hair at her Harlem-based Salon 804 or promoting her book How To Do Your Hair At Home, Rochelle Mosley is a true hairstyling force that lives and breathes beauty.

The recipient of The Oprah Winfrey Show's Golden Scissors Award sat down with us to discuss what hairstyle to rock at holiday parties this season.

Long curly or long straight hair

"A Princess Leia bun is a super cute style to rock for the holidays because all you need to do is part your hair down the middle, secure each section with a rubber band, twist each side up and pin up on both sides with bobby pins," she says. "Instead of two, you can pull your hair to the side and have one side bun."

If you're looking to keep your hair down, Mosley recommends the following: "For long hair, pull it to a side ponytail and accessorize with your favorite clip."

Tip: We suggest pairing this style with a strapless dress and a dangling earring for that Hollywood glamour look.

Short curly or short straight hair

"If you have shoulder length hair, wear your hair half up by parting your hair down the middle," Mosley says. "Grab one to two inches of hair in the front of your head on both sides and twist backwards by pinning on both sides."

Tip: Try Barry Fletcher's Lasting Desire Holding Spray and add a fun rhinestone clip to secure the hair.

The bob

"Funk a straight-hair bob up with a cute colorful clip-on hair piece," she says. "Clip on your bangs to really make a statement or clip right behind the hair."

Tip: If you're not quite ready to rock the colored hair piece, try these colored feathers for that edgy rocker holiday look.

No matter your hair type, you will be sure to impress any boss, co-worker, friend or crush this holiday season with these easy hair styling tips. It's time to show off, ladies!

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Ali July 13, 2012 | 10:56 PM

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