Eat And Be Comfy

The holidays are right around the corner and we’ve all got one important (and tasty) thing on the mind: food, glorious food! Yep, that’s right ladies, even the most health conscious of fashionistas gets excited about all the delicious goodies the holidays have to offer. But just because we’re excited doesn’t mean we’re not also concerned with feeling comfortable during the holidays. With Thanksgiving creeping up on us, we thought we’d compile some comfy yet chic outfits that will let you all have your cake and eat it too.

Holidays are a special time, and it's important to dress accordingly. For most of us, holidays like Thanksgiving bring out the inner fashionista in us, and we all try just a bit harder than we might on a normal day. But the thought of wearing a fashionable (e.g. tight and form-fitting) outfit also brings about concerns of broken seams and extremely uncomfortable waistlines. Not anymore, ladies! Here are some holiday outfits that combine fashion and function.

Comfortable holiday outfit

Holiday Outfit #1:

If you want to wear a cute dress but don't want the circulation in your stomach cut off, try a loose-fitting frock. We know, we know, tighter dresses are often cuter, but your stomach will not be forgiving of cute when it has just indulged in a big holiday meal. We swear by this dark blue jersey dress ($18, from H&M for days when we're not in the mood to wear something fitted. Pair it with a pair of thigh-high tights ($15 for a 3-pack, — after all, do you really want to be wearing something called "tights" on your stomach when you've just eaten a day's worth of food?! — and a comfy pair of flats ($20, and you're good to go eat the day away!

Comfortable holiday outfit

Holiday Outfit #2:

Leggings often get a bad rap for being sloppy or high school attire, but they're actually really great, comfortable pieces of clothing if you wear them the right way. If you're looking to find a balance between fashion and function, check out this holiday outfit! Pair a loose-fitting pair of leggings ($15, — consider going up a size for maximum comfort — with a long, loose top ($25, and you'll have a comfy, chic ensemble to get you through the day. Add a pair of pumps ($30, and you've just spiced up your loungewear even more!

Comfortable holiday outfit

Holiday Outfit #3:

When you're looking to hide your stomach, ruching is your best friend, ladies. The stretchy material is super flattering and creates the illusion of sexy curves, not the dreaded bloating. Try a colorful rouched top ($20,, some loose-fitting shorts ($22, — again, try going a size up from your normal size — a blazer ($20, and some comfy flats ($13, and you'll be good to eat your heart out all day long!

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