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What's your personal style?

Crafting your own personal style is a must for any fashion-conscious girl. Is your carefree spirit dying to get out? Let it free with a bohemian style outfit. Have a hard time taming your inner bad girl? Showcase your edgy side with a wild style wardrobe. However you choose to express your personal style, the key is creating a look to call your own and we'll tell you why.

Showcasing you

It may seem like yet another chore in the realm of girl maintenance (hair, makeup, clothes, repeat), but defining your personal style doesn't need to be difficult. In fact, most of us are naturally drawn to certain trends. Everyone's view of what's stylish is different, but one thing remains the same: Style showcases a unique way of dressing and is the reason why developing your own personal style is important – to showcase the real you! After all, fashion is not just about the clothes you wear, but also about letting your personality shine through.

Consistently chic

Aside from showcasing your dazzling personality, developing a personal style helps maintain a consistent, pulled together appearance. While there's always room to incorporate a few trendy items into your closet, switching up your threads from retro style to wild style will make your fashion sense seem erratic. With a cohesive wardrobe, though, you'll easily mix and match pieces to pull together a complete outfit.

Have a hard time deciding on your personal style? Don't stress! Take our style quiz, which will help you discover what type of fashion trend is right for you. Remember, fashion should be enjoyable – not a chore – so have fun with it!

bohemain style

Bohemian beauties

Bohemian style is best epitomized with long, loose layers resulting in a relaxed and effortless look. Worn by many of Hollywood's young starlets, the bohemian style trend is perfect for those with a carefree attitude.
preppy outfit

Preppy fashion finds

The simple classic style is fitting for the girly-girl prepster. This look is timeless and incorporates basics like polos as well as feminine touches like bows.
sporty look

Sporty babes

The sporty style is for the girl who's always on the run. Whether hitting up the gym or yoga studio, sporty style girls rock pretty, yet practical, workout wear.



wild style

Wild trendsetters

Daring girls who aren't afraid to show their edgy side flock to the wild style. These fierce fashion gurus incorporate leather, animal prints and bold colors into their closets, showing off their sexy, wild style.
retro style

Retro gals

Girls who adore fashion finds from years past will love the retro style. Channel your retro style with all things vintage and incorporate old school pieces like bell bottoms and feminine '50s-style finds with polka dot prints.
modern look

Modern fashionistas

Modern style gals are effortlessly cool with their elegant apparel. These chic beauties wear lots of neutrals, metallics and structured clothes to complete their modern style.

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