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Whether you woke up and ate breakfast at Tiffany's or you woke up and went straight to tennis practice, the classy prep trend is one for the fashion history books. This timeless style can only be pulled off by those who cherish the love affair between their grandmother's pearls and a crisp white polo. For all you Audrey Hepburn admirers and delicate polo players, this style guide is for you.

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You don't have to be a trust fund baby or live on the Upper East Side to pull of this fresh look -- although it does require a love for the classics and timeless trends. If you love feeling feminine and sophisticated, then this style is the answer to your fashion prayers.

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Besides Kate Middleton being the Duchess of all classic and preppy fashion, other celebs have been embracing this style as well like Katherine Heigl, Kate Bosworth and Duffy. Whether these stars wear this style for a night or for a lifetime, when they come back to it, it's always right where they left it. That's what makes it so classic.
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One of the most important parts of this style is accessorizing. Pearls, tennis bracelets, bows, diamond studs and anything else delicate that comes to mind is the perfect way to add that finishing touch to a classic ensemble. Keep in mind, though, that sometimes less is more when completing this look. Depending on your outfit, whether it be an LBD or a tennis skirt, knowing how much or how little to add is key.

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