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This type of style pays tribute to the decades past as it's all about vintage and retro style. Celebs like Zooey Deschanel and Kirsten Dunst celebrate the essence of this style, while still staying true to their own. Check out our retro style guide and get on your way to the '70s, '60s or even '40s if you so wish!

The Retro lady style

retro style
As a fashionista who loves styles past, knowing the elements of what makes some great retro style is important. Whether you love the flapper look of the '20s or the mod look of the '60s, there's always something you can add to your outfit to give it a vintage vibe.

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As a supplement to just knowing great vintage style, indulging in your favorite trend is also a great way to immerse yourself in it.

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retro celebs
Lots of celebrities are fans of this style including Katy Perry, Emma Stone and Kelly Osbourne. It's easy and helpful to draw style inspiration from celebs because a) all we have to do is pick up a copy of Us Weekly and b) they usually have an in with all the latest styles. So put on your vintage Chanel and get going!
retro shoes
Accessorizing isn't just adding little things to your outfit. Your whole outfit can be an accessory — in the form of a fun costume dress or sexy lingerie. Find out how to make this style even more ladylike than it already is.

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