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Maybe you were the girl that always got picked first in kickball or maybe you were the one doing the picking. Either way, you have a love for sports and fitness that can't be topped by high-fashion runway looks. So, for all you sports-loving girls, we rounded up a style guide of fitness looks just for you.

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sporty look
Whether you are a tomboy at heart or recently found your love for fitness, it's important that you look as good as you feel while doing it. Check out the top three elements of sporty style and get ready to not only look fit, but feel fabulous. Once you've nailed down the main components of this style trend, try your hand at shopping for this style, too.
sporty celebs
Though this isn't a trend worthy of the red carpet, we tend to see many celebs dressed in this style. From fitness fanatics like Cameron Diaz, Kate Hudson and Jessica Biel, to name a few, they have made this sporty style look sexy and sophisticated.
sporty accessories
Accessorizing is an important part of this trend because it gives black yoga pants and a tight workout top some style and pizzazz.

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