Fashionable Awareness

October is all about thinking pink as a way to raise awareness about breast cancer. This year we're going beyond the ribbon with stylish pink picks that not only make us feel good, but that help us look great, too. From shoes to jewelry to T-shirts, read on for our roundup of fashionable breast cancer awareness month looks.

1Pink flats

Show your support with every step as you walk around in these cute Tory Burch limited edition ballet flats (, $178). We're loving them for their dazzling pink patent leather and their charitable component: With each purchase, Tory Burch will donate 15 percent to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).

Pink flats

2Floral watch

One hundred percent of the proceeds of this pretty floral watch with a pink strap (, $68) directly benefit the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. Not only will you feel good about helping out an important cause, you'll also be accessorizing in style. We love the whimsical floral watch face and light pink leather strap.

Floral watch

3Denim jacket

Look pretty in pink wearing this cute, fitted denim jacket in a flirty shade of pink (Avon, $45). Pair yours with fitted black trousers, a plain white T-shirt and black flats, and feel fashionably fabulous knowing that 100 percent of the net profits will be donated to the Avon Breast Cancer Crusade.

Denim jacket

4Beaded bracelet

Show your support and add a touch of feminine charm to your look with this beaded bracelet, featuring pink jade beads with one white freshwater pearl representing a "pearl of hope," and a pewter awareness ribbon (, $18).

Beaded bracelet

5Screenprint T-shirt

Take casual up a few notches with this limited edition T-shirt (, $39.50). Featuring an eye-catching graphic of a woman wearing a pink cape, the shirt symbolizes the strength needed to survive breast cancer, and five dollars from each T-shirt purchased will go to the BCRF.

Screenprint T-shirt

6Hot handbag

Carry your essentials in style – for a great cause. For the month of October, Coach is donating 20 percent from the purchase of this chic pale pink leather handbag to the BCRF (, $258). We love the elegant design and gentle corners of this awareness-inspired purse.

Hot handbag

7Jeweled pin

Wear this Estee Lauder crystal-covered pin in the shape of an awareness ribbon with anything that needs a little extra sparkle (, $12.50). Twenty percent from the sale of each pin goes to the BCRF, and we think this pretty piece would look particularly chic on a gray or black wool coat.

Jeweled pin

8Stylish sneakers

There's no better way to hit your stride than while wearing a pair of pink New Balance sneakers (, $145). We love the pastel hue and the fact that New Balance will contribute five percent from each sale to Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

Stylish sneakers

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