Your Guide To Beautiful Skin

With a good daily regimen and the right skin care products, anyone can obtain that elusive flawless complexion.

flawless youthful skin tips


Always wash your skin with a cleanser that is specific to your type, says Josephine Fusco, a NYC-based freelance certified makeup artist. Make sure all excess makeup is removed. Note: Cleanse your face before bed even if you didn't wear makeup today.

Beauty expert Elise Hamamoto recommends using a cleanser that contains peptides and exfoliates with jojoba beads.

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This is a step many women skip but shouldn't. Hamamoto suggests using a toner that contains green tea. The antioxidants in the tea will help neutralize free radical damage.

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3Pigment-correcting treatment

Beyond wrinkles, aging skin is prone to age spots and other skin discolorations. Fade them with a skin-brightening hyperpigmentation lotion, advises Hamamoto.

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Serum is an imperative part of flawless skin, says Fusco. It helps reduce the appearance of sun damage and rejuvenates the skin. "Apply an anti-aging serum rich in collagen-boosting peptides and botanical stem cells to optimize your skin's stem cell capacity for healing," says Hamamoto.

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5Face cream

Lavish your skin with another layer of age-fighting protection. Face cream should be applied daily to the face and neck, says Fusco. A good, creamy moisturizer will tighten skin and give it a beautiful glow.

Look for peptides, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid and natural licorice for added skin-brightening results, says Hamamoto.

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6Eye cream

The eyes are often the first facial feature to show age. A lot of women tend to ignore the eye area when it come to moisturizers, says Fusco. The right eye cream will instantly brighten the eye and de-puff it, leaving a nice base for eye makeup.

Hamamoto suggests choosing a peptide-packed formula for maximum wrinkle-lifting benefits and to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

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7Sun Protection

Nothing ages skin more than the harmful rays of the sun. To protect your delicate skin, Hamamoto likes SPF 30 products that contain niacin and aloe.

7 Tips for healthy youthful skin, from Jason Steffan of Richard Steffan Skincare in Switzerland:

  1. Use skin care products free of mineral oils so the skin can function normally.
  2. Use products that work with the skin and support the cell renewal process.
  3. Use products that are simple and uncomplicated and do not disturb the skin.
  4. Use products that are water-soluble and non-occlusive.
  5. Get a good night's sleep, keep stress to a minimum, and exercise regularly.
  6. Minimize exposure to sun and extreme weather conditions.
  7. Eat healthy and drink enough water, because the skin receives its nourishment from within.

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Joy October 03, 2011 | 7:22 PM

Thank you ladies for the secrets of the pros! I thoroughly enjoy learning and following the new and updated tricks of the trade. Ms. Fusco's advice has encouraged me to follow a daily routine with specialized eye cream, necessary for this delicate area and I will now try some green tea products as per Ms. Hamamoto's suggestions! With appreciation for your advice to keep my skin fresh and glowing.

marie October 03, 2011 | 1:38 PM

great tips especially with winter coming + dry skin luv the serums they really boost ur skin thanks jo

meg October 03, 2011 | 10:53 AM

Jo-these tips are so great!!!!

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