Pack Fashionably For Travel Abroad

Fall is in full swing and if you're planning an international getaway to say, Paris or London for a long weekend, there's nothing that can put a damper on your fun more than an overloaded or inadequately packed suitcase. To make sure you look as chic as possible while abroad, style expert Bridgette Raes is breaking down the must-have travel essentials for your international getaway.

Must-have travel essentials

Wherever your travels take you, remember one simple but important rule -- pack light and pack smart. "Choose a color palette and stick with it," she says. The style expert recommends choosing two neutrals that complement each other, like brown and khaki, then choosing two additional colors that complement each other, but don't necessarily need to be worn together. Raes suggests starting with a print that encompasses these two colors and then building from there.

When you keep your color palette tight, Raes says, your accessories are also easier to pack because you need less of them and you can wear them more often.

Here are the travel essentials for a trip abroad -- whether you're jetting off to London, Paris or Tokyo, courtesy of Raes.



Raes suggests packing two pairs of stylish jeans: "Maybe one dark denim for after 5 p.m. and a more casual lighter wash for daytime."


Black dress

Raes recommends choosing two dresses that can be worn to dinner — think simple, basic and stylish. "They can easily be made to look different with a change in accessories," she notes.

Versatile pants

pair of pants

One pair of pants that can be dressed up for dinner or dressed down for daytime will give you many options while you're on vacation.

Walking shoes

Converse Sneakers

Good walking shoes that don't scream tourist — meaning no gym sneakers! — are a must while on vacation. Instead, choose sporty chic sneakers like Converse or Puma if you must don sneakers.


Cross body bag

A stylish cross body bag is a more stylish alternative to the dreaded fanny pack. "A tan leather is great because it works with all colors you choose to wear," Raes notes.



Take one or two easy sweaters that you can wear with a pair of jeans or leggings, and you'll have a few looks ready.


Low heeled boots

Remember to take along a pair of low-heeled boots that can sustain walking but that are still stylish and can be worn with a pair of leggings or skinny jeans.



Bring a simple jacket or blazer that you can wear while sightseeing. It will keep you warm and stylish at the same time.


fun tops

Pack one to two fun tops for evening that can be worn with jeans at dinner or for a daytime trip when you won't be too active, and one to two casual tops, like T-shirts, for layering.


Strappy heels

Don't forget these essentials — a large scarf (try a pashmina that you can use as a wrap if it's warmer or around your neck if it's cooler), a pair of strappy heels for dinner (they'll be perfect for all of your evening looks) and fun jewelry to change up your look.

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Jennifer September 07, 2012 | 12:43 PM

I always love to dress the part for travel. I always look around when Im standing in the lines and notice it looks like everyone else is wearing pajamas. What is up with that?

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