Grab Your Carts, Ladies!

Today is the day that bargain fashionistas everywhere, and non-bargain fashionistas, rejoice while getting their claws out for the collection we've all been waiting for: Missoni for Target.

anticipation to salivation

Though we haven't heard of any cart collisions, catfights or claws coming out- I'm sure it's just gone under the radar. Fashion forward ladies and men everywhere stood in line waiting for Target to open this morning ready to fight for the much anticipated Missoni pieces.

The competition was fierce as 20-somethings, hot moms and fashionable dudes waited for those crimson Target doors to open and their inner-competitor to release.

From comfy cardigans in the Missoni signature zig-zag pattern to tiny bikinis to bikes- there isn't an item that hasn't gone overlooked, untouched or unwanted.

Trending in more than one way

The topic has been fiercely trending over Twitter with shoppers Tweeting photos of the large crowds to the coveted items they so proudly got their style paws on.

Not only are the Target stores in great chaos over the anticipated debut of this collection, Target's website has crashed due to an overwhemingly amount of online shopper's trying to dodge the store shoppers and purchase online.

Target sent out a statement via Twitter saying, "We know you're excited for #MissoniforTarget! Please check back in a few hours, we're working to get all 400+ items loaded to the site."

One fearless shopper Tweeted, "Actually had fun shopping #MissoniforTarget this a.m., a little stressful but still fun," While another disappointed shopper Tweeter, "Omg Target shelves were completely bare of #MissoniforTarget by 9am!! #sadpanda."

The catfights have definitely begun as one person Tweeted, "Report from the front: Tears, hoarding, sharp elbows you name it."

And there you have it. When it comes to fashion, good deals and a legendary designer label like Missoni, there will be blood.

Find out more on the Missoni collection for Target and see the entire look book >>

Take a look below at the long crowd lines and almost-bare shelves that devoted shoppers Tweeted.

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Comments on "Missoni for Target debuts and it's a doozy"

Jefferson J SD September 14, 2011 | 8:16 AM

Oh yes! A snatch of a go back item as 50 women waited just to catch a look! I the lone dude standing 6 foot 2 was blessed with height to see where the go back cart was headed and I made my move. I managed to pull a dress and a pair of heels before being swarmed by the lady shark feeding frenzy at 9am in the Arcadia Target in Phoenix, Arizona. All in all do I understand it? NO.... But my girlfriend was happy to come home to two pieces of Missoni wear. The things you do for love! Great article by the way! You rock!!!!

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